Sheriffs Search for Missing Person in SoHum

A resident of Humboldt who also lived in Montana is missing in the Southern Humboldt area. Kyle Whitney, son of  former neighbors, the well-known and well-liked Bob Whitney and his ex-wife, Donna, was last seen on January 23rd by a neighbor according to an officer.

Several sheriff vehicles following a member of the family back into the family’s property startled local residents of Salmon Creek today as they drove up into the back roads of the area. When interviewed after they had been to the home,  an officer explained that Kyle’s vehicle was not at the residence where he had been staying but there was food left on the stove.  Anyone with information is asked to call the sheriff or family as they are deeply concerned.

UPDATE: The family has asked that the neighbors watch for his truck– a newer champagne colored, Ford Ranger. You can contact me with that information and I will get it to Donna.  Also, watch for a story in the Times Standard which will include his photo.  (I will  point it out here also.)



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