Bring the Giants' Trophy to Garberville…Or Else

Southern Humboldt Giants fans are rallying to bring the Giants’ Trophy to Garberville (population around 2,000). Like last year’s unexpected win by the Giants, they hope to succeed against overwhelming odds. The Giants’ longshot win has fever for the former underdogs at an all time high. Because of this, the San Francisco Giants World Champions Trophy Tour is driving throughout Northern California. Tomorrow, they are going to be in Eureka; the day after they are going to be in Fort Bragg.  Local fans are unwilling to let them pass by. They have started a Facebook page, Bring the Giants World Series trophy to Garberville!!!!. And, they have been inundating the team with email pleas and Twitter posts to stop the tour somewhere near Garberville.  They’re hoping their passion and the Giants desire for some great publicity might bring them luck.

The tour began as a publicity stunt in January and has excited fans throughout California.

“For more than 52 years, our dedicated fans have supported us through thick and thin,” said Giants Managing General Partner and CEO Bill Neukom. “The trophy belongs to them as much as it belongs to us and we want to extend the World Champions celebration throughout Giants country and to thank our fans.”

At the event, fans have the opportunity to see the trophy up close and have their photo taken with it. According to the press release, “The viewings are free to the public. Fans can purchase an official photo with the trophy through Giants Fan Photos.”

Becky Crossland, owner of Cecil’s, started the Facebook page. Crossland who describes herself as a rabid fan declared, “If I hadn’t been gone at my brother’s memorial, I would have pursued this [earlier.] I sent them an e-mail and encouraged others to do the same. I was planning on going to Eureka to bring the kids to see it (although I know I can see it at the ballpark)   Ella [her 12 year old daughter] and I had joked that we should set up shop at 101 in Leggett- where they would be turning to go Fort Bragg and get them to stop.”

Why should the trophy be brought to Garberville? “Because we rock, of course!” declares Crossland.  Her last email to the team announced, “We currently KNOW that you have time in your schedule to stop, please rethink this decision as the road from 101 to Ft. Bragg is small and easily blocked by overexcited fans. You’ve been warned.”



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