Cannabis Lobbyist For Humboldt Growers Association Profiled in Sacramento Bee's Blog


Humboldt Growers Association lobbyist, Max Del Real, features in the latest post on Weed Wars--The Sacramento Bee’s Marijuana blog. Below is an excerpt.

The smooth-talking Del Real, a product of Sacramento’s Jesuit High School who graduated from UC Berkeley with an English degree and a specialty in rhetoric, also emerged as perhaps California’s best known marijuana industry lobbyist.

Del Real, 35, who runs California Capitol Solutions in Sacramento, is hardly a grizzled cannabis crusader. The advocate for medical pot entities isn’t a marijuana patient. The well-coiffed pot businesses-to-policy makers negotiator prefers his Jameson Irish Whiskey – with a splash of ginger ale – to his cannabis clients’ Northern Lights Blueberry or Granddaddy Purple.

Del Real is the lobbyist for Sacramento Alliance of Collectives, an association for 14 local dispensaries. He also represents pot shop interests seeking permission to operate under proposed medical marijuana ordinances in Chico and Fresno.

He clients have included Statewide Insurance Services, which offered the first specialized coverage for cannabis businesses. He previously worked with the Green Door Dispensary in San Francisco, where he sought the blessings of activist Dennis Peron, a renowned author of California’s 1996 medical marijuana law, to win entree to the city’s medicinal pot community.


photo from the Weed Wars blog at the Sacramento Bee


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