A Cannabis Carol With Scenes from the Emerald Cup and the Lost Coast Ganja Cup


T’was two months after harvest, when on sites by the Coast,

Gathered hundreds, nay thousands, who loved marijuana the most.

The buds had been taken from trimmers with care,

In hopes that a cannabis cup soon would be theirs.

The growers were nestled all snug in warm threads

While visions of winning danced in their heads.

And my friend in her brown hat and I, without cap,

Had just got in my car and looked at our map.

We drove to Fortuna where there arose such a clatter

Of chicken and dogs wondering what was the matter

The host opened the door and invited us in

The Lost Coast Ganja Cup was about to begin.


This week’s North Coast Journal cover article lets me take you into the world of the local Cannabis Cups–including the justly famous Emerald cup and  the very private Lost Coast Ganja Cup.  Come explore two amazing underground events–a mix  of outlaw growers and medical providers!

For more stories on this year’s Emerald Cup look here, here, and here.

For a tale of the 2099 Emerald Cup look here.


Photo of the Lost Coast Ganja Best of Cup an indoor strain called Blackberry Kush which also won best of indoor.



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