Lunar Eclipse and a Happy Solstice to You

The rains huddled back along the horizon around 1am this morning. Laying on my back, on the wet patio gave me the best view as clouds washed over the moon and water splashed from the eaves onto my face.  Occasionally, the eclipse appeared and I struggled to capture it on my camera.  I didn’t but the beauty of seeing it was worth the cold and the wet.  I hope you stepped outside your warm house, faced the immensity of the sky–the velvety blackness and the shining silvery eyes shimmering inside it– and got a glimpse.

After today the darkness retreats–the light gets longer and spring will come. But in the depths of this night, the longest night of the year, the full moon sat serene and let the sun’s shadow overtake her.  Across this hemisphere, skywatchers –separated by miles and bound together by our love of the silken expanse of the dark and the lights shining within it–breathed in the night and the sheer beauty of our universe.



  • I did venture out of my warm house to the dark cloudy night. I had to be patient and wait for the high winds to part a view of the eclipsing moon. The sky did clear with stars showing first and then , the majical moon! I was not able to view it at 12;17 moment ,but shortly after and it was so nice to watch the orange color with dark clouds going by. The night air seemed to be charged with extra light and energy also. My dog loved that we just stood out there for along time being part of our universe.
    may we all have more light

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