Sweet Charity at the Emerald Cup Tomorrow


Planning on being at the Emerald Cup this Saturday?  (You really should.  It is an extraordinary experience.)  Sweetleaf Collectives will have a booth there. They accept donations of last years’ weed or the fluffy stuff on the bottom of plants  that you can’t make quality pounds with.

I want to urge everyone to think of Sweetleaf. While I was at the International Cannabis and Hemp Expo at the Cow Palace, I met the two men pictured here.  They talked to me about their program.

…we give away free medical marijuana to low-income AIDS patients here in San Francisco.  We have been in operation since 215 passed in ’96.  … As it stands right now, we are one of the only groups that operate as a regular non-profit.  We do not engage in sales and are sustained only by donations from people sympathetic to our cause.

The group survives entirely by donations (yes, I tucked some money in their jar but that’s not enough.) Volunteers act as liaisons between growers and low-income AIDS patients. Growers who have weed that they are kindly willing to donate or are unable to sell (not a full pound, last year’s product, discoloration, over-saturated market in some strains, small buds, the fluff buds that aren’t worthwhile to manicure) can contact the group and donate.  The group will even come to Humboldt and collect if necessary.

415 273-4663




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