Little Nuggets: Bits and Pieces of Marijuana News

I spend a lot of time following marijuana related stories. Readers send me some and others I follow online.  I can’t write about them all. Here are a few links that I think you might find worthwhile.

  1. The Times Standard Thaddeus Green did a intelligent analysis of the Prop. 19 vote in Humboldt County and touches on the Emerald Triangle. He takes a serious look at the numbers concluding “the perception that the three rural Northern California counties somehow killed the legalization initiative is purely myth. Statewide, the measure lost by almost 700,000 votes — more than seven times the number of combined voters in the three counties.”  But he also notes that normally liberal SoHum voted  nearly 2 to one against it which does seem to indicate that, as this area is largely populated by marijuana growers,  that Humboldt growers voted against it in numbers much larger than the rest of the state.
  2. Pot Farm, a social game on Facebook is making more money than big growers. According David Downs on Legalization Nation, the East Bay Express’ marijuana blog, it may be grossing $150,000 per month. I’ve never played it but it has 1000’s of fans.
  3. Altered State, an in-depth look at the California Cannabis culture by the Nation magazine interviews locals Syretta Lux, Chair of HuMMAP, and Charlie Custer.  This piece, just out today, looks into Mendo’s Mat Cohen as well. There is nothing outstandingly new but it is a thorough article and has its facts down well.
  4. The US House passes a bill directing the Drug Czar to develop a plan of attack against cartel’s in the national lands. LEAP has a story on it here.

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