Home Invasion Robbery–A Parent’s Nightmare

Police Department Press Release

Home Invasion Robbery Sends One Man to Hospital

On November 11, 2010 at about 0526 hours, the Eureka Police Department responded to a residence in the 2100-block of Progress Street in Eureka for a reported home invasion robbery. Responding Officers found a 51 year old male who had been struck on the head with a handgun causing injury.  Medical personnel responded and transported the victim to the hospital for treatment.  Officers spoke with the remaining family members and learned that six males had forced their way into the home in the early morning hours on Thursday. All of the suspects carried handguns and forced the family into the living room where they lined them up on their knees.

The suspects demanded valuables from the family.  When they refused the father was struck on the head with the handgun.  One of the suspects threatened to kidnap the family’s daughter who was very young.  When one suspect began dragging the daughter out of the house the family told them where to find the money and a firearm.  Other family members directed the suspects to where a Colt AR-15 style .22 caliber rifle was and several thousand dollars in cash.  Also taken were three gaming systems and a laptop.  The suspects then broke into the garage where a small marijuana grow was located.

The suspects are described as all males in the early to mid twenties wearing hooded sweatshirts and navy blue or black bandannas over their faces.  They are further described as being Asian, Mexican, and possibly one Arab young man.  After the suspects left the family called the police.  The father was treated at Saint Joseph emergency room and released later with moderate injuries.

This investigation is ongoing and anyone with information is asked to contact Detective Terry Liles at 707-441-4032


H/T to Heidi Walters at the NCJ



  • OMG!

    Eureka is starting to sound like San Bernardino and Riverside. Gangs do this kind of thing there all the time. I have a sister who lives in the area, and she tells me a lot of stuff (gang activties) not picked up by the national news.

    I see this kind of activity – home invasions – reaching beyond the “looking for pot” stage. Gangsters are getting bolder during our Great Recession, and the model for quick cash, etc., is home invasions. Down south. And now up here.

    I’m glad to hear that no one was killed. Scary stuff. It could happen to anyone.

  • I’m not tryna say anything about this particular incident as many facts have yet to be uncovered… But usually folks play kick door to force someone to pay a debt. Whether the debt is off a front, as a tax for doing business, or for doing business with a rival… they get their money by any circumstances.

    Say usually because Oakland crews do this just to steal drugs instead of fucking around with extortion first.

    Most folks don’t have to install reinforced jambs, steel bars, and optic detection systems and shit. Don’t sell drugs and stack money in a safe and you’re prolly good.

  • Kym:

    I read this comment on Humboldt Herald this morning and thought it said something that should be repeated on this blog.

    Dont be fooled again says:
    November 12, 2010 at 7:21 am

    Good vs. Evil” black and white thinking does not often lead to a healthy solution. The “us vs. them” we so often encounter on this blog is really quite childish. People who constantly highlight our differences only reinforce their own fears. The reality is that our differences are minuscule next to our similarities. If a solution to our problems is what is desired, emphasize our common ground. That is where we will find the best possible outcomes. Try being for something instead of against anything.

    As so often is this case, as reflected in the quote above, the conflict and contradiction in the thinking emphasizes the paradox we all face. Most do so with a laissez faire attitude. Of course, marijuana growing in the home had nothing to do with the crime. Law and the enforcement or lack thereof is about as “black and white” as you can get. Home invasion is tantamount to rape – in this case “gang rape.” That is about as distinct as “good and evil” as anyone can get. So, tell me, after a good 50 years of crime that pays, just exactly how you can enforce and socialize generational, criminal behavior that justifies and legitimizes this kind of amoral thinking and criminal behavior in our local society, and everyone NOT end up paying this price? The alternative to “black and white thinking” is mob rule. This, “home invasion,” is one of the by-products and it is called “terrorism at it’s most basic.” Free people are NOT threatened or terrorized people. Nor do they FEEL threatened in their own homes.

    • Hey joe, i’m buying the property next to your home. I’m gonna set up a small home brewery and raise a few cows and rent the garage to a death metal band or two. And i’m gonna add two stories to the house, which i’m also gonna paint fluorescent orange. So if you’ve got a problem with the smell or the noise or the darkness or anything, let’s come to some kind of compromise. it’s not a black and white issue, you know. There’s no right or wrong about it, so don’t you dare suggest there might be.

  • Kym, there you go! Proof positive. Crime pays – Anarchy at it’s essence. Do whatever you want, attack your neighbor, deprive him of his peace, threaten his family, invade his home an property with your stench, filth and noise, etc., depreciate the value of all you neighbor’s property, BUT God Forbid that anyone should “dare” suggest their is NO RIGHT OR WRONG. I’ve got a problem “for” criminals when they invade my home and my property and tell me they have the right to threaten it and my family because there is NO “right or wrong, black or white.”

    • Thin g is, joe, you’re not fooling anybody with the degree and direction of your concern. You’re “bullshitting”. How many gas station robberies that day? Or home invasions related to above-middle-class wealth? The later of which popular media actually tries to keep out of the news, as class-warfare is one of their taboo subjects. You’re against the legalization of marijuana, obviously don’t smoke it, and that’s fine but sheesh get a grip on the reality of it.

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