Got Violence?

Got violence?  Mendo has. The last few weeks have had several home invasion/partner differences over marijuana (here’s one). Below, from a Sheriff’s dept. press release is the most recent (from a Sheriff’s dept. press release)

On 10-30-2010 at approximately 0721 Mendocino County Sheriffs Communications Officers were contacted by Jill Cahill a resident at the listed location.  Jill advised on this date just moments before her telephone call, that three individuals wearing masks and armed with an unknown type firearm(s)forcibly entered into her residence, where gunfire was exchanged and one of the suspects was shot and believed to be deceased.

Deputies and emergency medical personnel responded to the location where they contacted Jill and two other individuals(who were visiting Jill) at the Steele Lane Residence.  They further located one of the masked suspects laying just outside the residence, who was confirmed to be deceased.

Jill advised that the suspects forcibly entered into her residence and  sprayed the pepper-spray at the three occupants inside the residence.  Jill advised that the suspects further displayed an unknown type firearm and shot at least one round inside the residence which struck one of Jill’s visitors in the leg.

Jill, who was armed with a 357 revolver, defended herself and the other two subjects, and a firefight took place inside the residence. Jill fatally shot one of the masked suspects.  The other two suspects fled the residence.

Mendocino County Sheriffs Deputies, Detectives and an Investigator from the Mendocino County District Attorney’s Office are continuing to investigate the incident.

Early investigative information revealed that the attempted home invasion was related to marijuana activities at the Cahill residence.

I can’t fault Cahill for defending herself and her friends. If the facts are as presented, she is one amazing tough lady who I would respect. I just hate the escalation of violence.



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