People grew more this year but did they grow better? The Cannabis Post on location in Mendocino has growers tell him that they think so. Here’s an excerpt:

Me: For the past two nights, I’ve been going to grows, hot and drying rooms, and trimming stations. I’ve never seen WEED this big and bountiful before. Am I making this up?

Grower: … I hear that the WEED that the people from Los Angeles who are buying our stuff at two or three, are getting ten for a pound in 213 and 310.

Me: Seriously, ten thousand dollars?

Growers: Ten large. Ten Thousand American dollars for what we are selling to them at between two thousand and three.

Me: The POT’s that good?

Growers: This may be the best year ever. EVER.

Here in Humboldt I’ve heard similar stories.  One friend told me that he was in town in the laundromat watching the attendant go through bags of dirty laundry pulling out quantities of pot– stems and leaves (presumably no buds)–muttering about the killer harvest season this year. Later the same day at the post office, he watched two different women ahead of him in line at the post office juggle children and hundred dollar bills to buy $2000 and $3000 money orders.

Best year ever?  You tell me.

8 thoughts on “The Best Year Ever?

  1. This explains why the medical marijuana monopolists oppose Prop 19- they want to maintain their tight grip on legal sales of cannabis. It protects their profits while driving up prices.

    Legalize sales and distribution.. Vote Yes on Prop 19; For personal and states rights.

  2. one of the funniest things i’ve seen in humboldt was around the first week I moved here, two dreadie hippies in full rasta love gear buying food at wildberries, all smiles. Then in the parking lot they got in a brand-spanking-new range rover and immediately started yelling at eachother extremely pissed off.

  3. I thought this was a windy, wet, cold year that was only great for mold–but with everyone planting twice as many plants,who’s complaining?

  4. um yes? But prices look to be headed where there were when i first arrived $1600/lb. Yea everyone grew twice as much and the price has dropped by 50%…who here is good at math? Worst case scenario? 150 great outdoor pounds that you CAN’T SELL at any price cuz the market is so flooded. I heard a friend already let some (PRIMOBUD) go for only 1k each just cuz they needed the cash. Better for WHO is the Q.

    • Well said, Un-Named. And yeah, I better check with my triangle buds before I believe this report. If I can find my way back here, I’ll let you know what I find out.

  5. Uh, two years ago shit came out sweeter but what do I know.

    This year the veg cycle was intense because of low temps. Everybody forces early now so who cares about early rain.

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