Jorge Cervantes, well-known marijuana guru, takes a video tour of Northern California outdoor gardens.  Around the 4 minute mark, he takes to the air and shows multiple large scenes.  Then he drops down to earth and wanders among rows of 10 pound plants.  Finally, he takes us on a tour of a trim room and shows bags of clipped pot around minute 9.

He ends with, “Next time you medicate, don’t forget that organic, natural medicine is the best.”

4 thoughts on “Jorge Cervantes Takes the World to Humboldt’s 10 Pound Plants

  1. Thanks for the link, Kym. Those flyovers are precious, and that last garden is really amazing. A complaint: there was nothing else growing in it!

  2. An expo-zay I’d really like to see is who…specifically…is deciding what strain is the year’s cash crop. OMG purple kush is soooo 2008. Headband is now headBLAND, but it was taking top dollar recently enough.

    I bet they’re exporting lots of this stuff outa the new york area to europe as well.

  3. The growers in Northern California have been breeding strains for their area for years. Now you can appreciate the flowers of their labor!

    Legal medical growers are able to grow huge plants like this! There will be more next year.

    We are editing hours of stunning video into a DVD that should be available in January 2011.

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