Big Bud Business May Suffer From Feds Under Prop 19

Some of the biggest concerns of growers in the Emerald Triangle revolve around the fear that large corporations will annihilate the small marijuana farms of the area–destroying the economy and reducing the quality of the product available to consumers.  However, Attorney General Eric Holder’s recent warning to California that it will “vigorously enforce” federal anti marijuana laws may be good news for small farmers suffering from big cannabusiness’s encroachment into the medical market. The federal government has been mostly unwilling to take on the fight against medical marijuana and face the backlash of voters sympathetic to images of seriously ill patients deprived of their medicine.

But, big businesses do not look like victims.  AgraMed and its compatriots will likely face investigation should the federal government decide to enforce federal law in spite of the passage of Prop. 19.  There has already been federal officers sniffing around Oakland’s new large cannacorporations. The likelihood is the they will face the brunt of any prosecution leaving small mom-and-pop farms time to consolidate their share of the high end specialty market.


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