Hungry for trimmers?  And who isn’t right now with mold threatening to make a serious dent in this year’s harvest?  Experienced SoHum mamas are already snipping for someone else or getting their own crop in.  And the Twister has been hard to keep in stock. But, Ray’s, your one stop shop has it all now–even trimmers.   Today, this cute young couple from Minnesota were looking for work manicuring marijuana in downtown Garberville.  As a bonus, they were creating their own solar oven so apparently they can cook.  Don’t they look like they’d fit right in here with their pink crystal propping up their sign.

However, I’m not sure they’re clear on the concept of oven bags.  Apparently, they are planning on using the damn bags for cooking!

God, I love Humboldt.


Thanks to a local reader who snapped these great shots of Humboldt’s annual migration.

8 thoughts on “Hungry for Trimmers?

  1. …and if you’re going to Humboldt county, be sure to wear scissors in your hair…but not for cutting your hair, ya dang hippy. This migration is going to get exponentially bigger really fast in coming years. It’s been an overlooked aspect of popularity. Marijuana culture has always been in the spotlight, but the words Humboldt County were only spoken on the street and in the subculture itself. What’s in the spotlight is what matters. The words Humboldt County have actually been in the spotlight a lot in recent years, everywhere in the state and nation. Better that colorado…colorodo? better that los angeles and oakland get all the tabloid time, IMO. There’s a reason the weed is the way it is here. I was part of a subculture and all I got was this lousy tshirt.

  2. When I say South Park…do you think cartoon or colorado or weed? Probably in that order, and there’s a reason for it. Stoner cartoon got the spotlight, it’s in colorado and you like weed. Colorado is gonna flop…sounds like huckster city out there because of the snowballing popularity.

  3. Un-named, I think you have a point about too much “light” not being good for an area. I wouldn’t want Humboldt to turn into either Denver or Oakland. But, I can see change is coming and I’d a heck of a lot rather be Napa than a ghost town. (okay, personally, I’d rather live in a ghost town but I remember what economic devastation does to the environment and to my community and I don’t want that.)

    • someoby at the NCJ posted a very good take that opposes mine…as far as marijuana goes…under the most recent article about prop 19…”informedperson’s” comment. My (much) bigger concern though is all the state’s infrastructure soldiers gassing up their bulldozers along the county line, and the big real estate investors who claim to live here, getting their paperwork together and piling on the PR, so as to stack as many subscriptive enterprises in one place as possible (dense residential/commercial…large money generators, as they see them.)

  4. Anyone else think that feeding and housing the Pot Gypsies is more trouble than it’s worth? But hey, if you don’t mind buying food and beer, cleaning up after a complete stranger and constantly keeping an eye on your tools and patch so they don’t mysteriously disappear once a few pounds are cleaned… it’s sort of just like having a house guest. A house guest you cannot wait to get rid of.

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