I prefer the look of hand trimmed bud but several experienced growers are swearing by the new Twister.  I’ve never seen the results so I can’t review it.  The $15000+ price tag deters most mom and pops though.  However, a comment on another post led me to this site. The site offers Twister Trimmer for rent.

The person commenting on my blog said,

I am posting under Farm/Garden Services with a Twister Trimming machine rental.  As Twisters are currently seized at the Canada-US border I feel that it is mutually beneficial offering. My family has been serving off-grid farmers for 30 years, on the books, out of a large storefront in Eureka. My offering is off-books for purposes of discresion. Craigslist is not the best place to post, either. Find my post and call me if you want to know more about the offering. The trust relationship is built on a face-to-face meeting. This is how the “scene” aught to works.

If anyone rents this, let me know how it works out.  I’d love to see the finished product and know how much the rental would cost. [The ad hasn’t appeared as of this posting in Craig’s List.]

17 thoughts on “Rent Your Trimmers

    • Can you tell the difference between weed run through a machine and then picked clean and regular trimmed weed? I can’t even tell if it was dried first or trimmed first. This ain’t grapes, no migrant pickers needed anymore.

      • I’m offended that you think I’m being offensive :P I have a feeling Mr. Nice is smarter than that.

        Maybe I find it offensive to suggest there’s no discernable difference between bud trimmed wet vs. dry? Maybe I raised my eyebrow when I saw an incredibly expensive electronic hay bailer being advertised on a blog that openly promotes the most socio-and-eco-friendly growing practices. Talk about preserving a way of life…this ridiculous machine replaces lots of people power…if the grower wealthy enough to rent this and is producing enough to feed it…they could afford to pay just a little more per pound to have their buds trimmed with care by human hands…and help out those humans at the same time. I’ll leave it at that, but I gotta call it like I see it.

        • Un-named,

          This is how I see talking about the Twister. It exists. My job, as I see it is to inform people in the marijuana business. Do I have qualms about it? Yes. First of all, does it do what it purports to do? Second, will it put people I care about out of a job?

          I also have qualms about handtrimmers. Is it reasonable for a trimmer to make $250 per pound on outdoor weed that will sell for $2000 and sometimes less? That is more than 10% for what is in all probability around 6 hours work. When prices were higher, this seemed more reasonable. Now I’m not so sure.

          I think it is my job to talk about issues. (And it’s your job to point out issues I haven’t paid attention to. Thanks for making me be clear on my position. It is easy just to assume everyone understands what I feel I’m doing here.)

          • Let’s say you’re paying trimmers $250/lb for stuff that you get $3,000/lb (which would make you a generous grower). The rate would be about $150/lb. to trim stuff that’s going for $2,000/lb. How many pounds you got? What are your personal expenses? A billion variables, only one reality…by all means, use the machines if you feel you gotta…they’re just more variables.

  1. Redhead Blackbelt:
    Thanks for pointing out my website. Trim Scene does rent the Twister out, they are great folks, and they are holding onto my business card for those who (1) do not want their personal information on file (2) can’t put up the $8,500 deposit or (3) need one before Oct 7th (last I checked). Finally, they are not able to actually demo the machine on site, whereas I am. There is actually somewhat of a learning curve to getting the results you want, so it is of great benefit to have a demo so that you can put one on order with Trim Scene for next year (this year it seems that they are oversold). Plese understand that I would not hesitate to reccomend Trim Scene if you are okay with the rental terms; my terms are simply different.

    Can you tell the difference in the product? If you held your product side-by side against a hand trimmed one you would likely be able to pick out the hand trimmed product, especially if it is normally white with trichomes- you can lose some. Some products look even better with the Twister- some hand trimmer jobs are mediocre at best. Trim Scene and others have mentioned that the product passes as hand trimmed by clinics. The machine does an amazing job on many types and is not reccomended for some (like those with foxtails, stacked calyxes, etc.). You can find my business card in many local clubs and garden shops. Feel free to call me with questions. Happy Harvest!

  2. I’m saying, this is reality. Can’t hide from shit like trim machines anymore. People wanna go back to 1985 and get the equivalent of $6000/lbs in today’s dollars for country cut Thai. Ain’t happening. Shit is over. Read about the gold rush? See any Asian dudes with pans by the river? Alright a couple… but still we gotta adapt.

  3. I don’t like all the changes but I think pretending the world is static is likely to get you in bad trouble. I say, “See what the changes are and adapt if necessary.”

  4. I’ve tried a rolling thunder, samurai and just a couple days ago a new twister. They are finally getting through the border. Unfortunately I, being part of the green rush, have to choose between shipping a machine back and forth to central Cali, using humans, or renting a machine.

    Either way, I will not use a pro team because I simply do not have the proper security to run the risk of other knowing where I am located.

    As for quality of the trim, I do not have the frostiest of medicine, nor a cola only grow. Because of this regardless of what machine is used, I get extremely good results. In my perfectionist view, every top will need to be hit with scissors on the other side of the machine. a lot of the nugs will need to be hit as well. I still cut trim time by about 75%.

    Pros and cons from my perspective:

    Using Humans:
    Usually cleanest trim.
    I do not like it when more then one human knows my grow location. I especially don’t like it when I do not even know that person.

    Shipping my machine:
    1.) While the machine cleans up extremely well, I still worry that it may get sniffed out somewhere and confiscated while traveling through a non-legal state.
    2.) No other Human knows of my grow.

    1.) Large deposit or another human knows of the location.
    1.) Takes a room down within 48-72 hours (with good quality control)

    Conclusion I will be looking to rent for the next harvest coming at the end of January. Sucks that I’m in Central Ca, and the trim rentals are so far. Seems I may be taking a scenic drive :-)

    • I just found that you can rent one of these. I am here on Ca’s central coast as well and will be taking the drive come fall.

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