Wondering how you can get a job trimming weed?  Wonder no more.  Humboldt’s Craigslist has the following ad under farm and garden services.

Need valid card holders to work. 200 a p. Send pic and number for response. U may be searched upon entering and leaving site. Again I have to be able to verify ur script to work on medicine.

Judging from the requirement that the applicant send a picture, I’d guess that trim refers to body shape as well as job position.

The “U may be searched” line seems roughly equivalent to “Hey, baby, wanna screw” as a pickup line in a bar.  But who knows, maybe trimmers are desperate…

in Fall…

in Humboldt….


(No grower would be paying $200-$250 per pound which is over 10% of an outdoor pound for less than a day of work if trimmers weren’t valued. In the last quarter of the year, a good manicurist in Humboldt has all the jobs she can handle.)

I sent a request for an interview to the poster.  Sadly, he (I may be overly stereotyping here but I feel pretty safe with the gender specific pronoun) took down the ad.


On the other hand, maybe North county is different. Here is a post entitled Need a Trim that says “experienced “hairstylist” on the road looking for work. will work hard and no complaints.”  And there is also  a woman looking for fulfilling work who claims she’s a college grad who has worked as a “dumb trim girl” and wants anything above minimum wage.

Then there is Randy.

Hello! My name is Randy and I’m a local, mature, experienced trimmer looking for work. I’m 215 compliant and a quick and efficient trimmer who comes to work, not to waste your time. I’m self contained with my own transportation, tent, cook outfit, and can supply my own food. I have experience using trimming equipment like the TrimPro and the Aardvark, as well as in detail oriented finish trimming. I’ve also worked in water extraction hash production if you need help processing your trimmings. The odds and ends jobs that you can never get around to, like greenhouse or general garden clean up are great too, if that’s where you need help. I will travel to any gig in Humboldt, Mendocino, or Trinity Cos.

Then there is the newby who entitled their post “Free Trimmer.”

im looking for experience more than anything and will trade my labor for a good teacher. im 215 ready and have my papers. i have my own transportation. im honest and hardworking, all i need is some patience.

The best of all is the trimmer who apparently has the magic touch.

19 year old female w/ 215 looking for some trimming work. I live in the area and I’ll make your nugs look beautiful and sugary. Hit me an email and we’ll talk business :) Peace

Perhaps she has some fairy THC dust which she sprinkles as she works.

The more I look, the more Trimsky McGee’s there are.  As I told my husband, the world has &*%&% blown up.  Everybody’s looking for manicuring work in Humboldt.  Trimmers, you’d better get a union.  Scabs have come to town to take your jobs for less.


30 thoughts on “Get a Job Manicuring Weed–215 Trim Chicks Needed

  1. Great stuff! Aren’t people interesting?

    I’m going to have to check out Craigslist one of these days. It looks like some fertile writing ground could be uncovered there!

  2. I still can’t get over the idea that anyone would hire someone, bring them into their home, have them handle thousands of dollars of product, and not know anything about them other than they are brazen enough to post an ad on Craigslist.

  3. Twice, I have come upon wanna be trim crews with signs at the Harris Road turn off of Alderpoint Rd. “Trim Work Wanted”. etc.

  4. I’ve picked up more than a couple hitch hikers over the last few years who let me know they were “looking for work”. I’ve been surprised by their directness. I think it’s a cruel joke going on everywhere but this county, to tell transients that the hills of humboldt are full of growers desperately looking for human lawn mowers to process their bud, welcoming complete strangers with open arms. Then they get here…no such luck AND shitty weather!

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  6. Before you reach my posting, I will comment. I am posting under Farm/Garden Services with a Twister Trimming machine rental. As Twisters are currently seized at the Canada-US border I feel that it is mutually benefiicial offering. My family has been serving off-grid farmers for 30 years, on the books, out of a large storefront in Eureka. My offering is off-books for purposes of discresion. Craigslist is not the best place to post, either. Find my post and call me if you want to know more about the offering. The trust relationship is built on a face-to-face meeting. This is how the “scene” aught to works.

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  8. im thinking bout trying it…it seems legit and my friend said he did it bout 2 or 3 years ago and now hes rich so i say what tha hay ill do it

  9. My Son is 26 years of age, After 16 years of Working STEEL Construction I’m Reteired early (DISABILTY). I’m smokin again (after 26 years of Not smokin); It brings the Pain Management to Tolerance and It’s Natual !

  10. I need a job. My buddy and me are coming to the emerald triangle in about two weeks. Is there any chance of getting work? I’m about to loose eveything here in Ok. due to the drought. Economy here stinks. call Randy@ 5806228336.

    • Melanie, the cannabis issue is in flux. Federally, it is illegal to grow, trim or sell marijuana. However, California and a few other states allow marijuana for medical purposes. I suspect that you could not legally trim marijuana or get a permit. However, much of marijuana work takes place either on the black market or at least the grey one. People come to the Emerald Triangle from all over the world and work at trimming jobs. But you have to find someone to hire you. Please be careful. Most people are nice. Not everyone is though.

  11. Ok so I read that people come to the “Emerald Triangle” for work with trimming but is it much like the Bermuda triangle where people disappear? I would love to go there to get money and take care of marijuana before it goes to the patients that desperately need it for their conditions, but I don’t want to get caught and I don’t want to end up going so far across the country for no reason whatsoever, stranded in bad weather. Does it make sense to make a trip say halfway across this country for this kind of work? Is it safe or even worth a try?

    • People come from around the world to work here so my guess is that it is mostly safe and mostly lucrative but, I’d think it an iffy proposition to go to an unfamiliar place and work at an illegal job with strangers. I’d be scared if my kids were doing it.

      • It’s iffy crossed with trainwreck, but you never know what you may wake up into when you crash here. It all depends on who you are. My advice is that if you come be quiet, respectful, and receptive, as well as communicative and creative, Most of all be real. LOL! it’s the easiest and most natural hting to do :) Expect the best, and except the worst . . . walk in that paradox. Magic is alive, spirit is afoot. Humboldt isn’t only a job, it’s a lifestyle.

  12. looking for a trimming job live in Oregon. I done trimming I have a medical card hard worker self-sufficient transportation I worked with manicuring age 25 and looking for more trimming experience. I love the outdoors and I do renewable energy with solar panels have and high gin my family is just a bunch of hippies draft guidance. We have rafted down the White Salmon in Washington for the last 20 years.
    I know how to do 110 electrical, framing, cabinetry.

  13. really im a construction worker for the last 12 years same company a dad of 3 kids I have a pelvis desease that made me stop working and my next perfession is marijuana . im 110% good and always learning and very outgoing.

  14. No need to unionize. No union card [215]. Acti as an independent contractor with job requirements: proper lighting, proper surroundings, i.e. clean. If your requirements are not met, walk. If one wants to hire off the street and use machines, fine. You get what you pay for. I have no problem with work, and no, I am not a day laborer [NCJ article; 13 October 2011] This is a free enterprise system, and I am an independent contractor who hand trims only. Act like a professional.

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