He "Always Flies High" and He doesn't Need a License

The Sac Bee has a story about a Humboldt man that grabbed my attention.

Observers at a small regional airport at the base of the eastern slope of the Sierra, watched in both fascination and horror on a January day in 2009 as a single-engine Cessna descended, wobbling, toward a runway at excessive speed.

… His Cessna hit the runway about 100 feet from its end and tore into the dirt and sagebrush, raising a billowing cloud as the pilot struggled to get the craft under control. It slid sideways and finally came to a stop. It then returned to the runway and taxied to the transient parking area near the terminal.

The pilot shut down the engine…walked into the terminal and addressed several people … “Can I use the bathroom? I just scared the s— out of myself.”

When he emerged, McEnry appeared to be disoriented and asked, “Where am I?” Told he was in Bishop – an outpost of 3,500 on Highway 395 in Inyo County – he inquired, “Where is that in relationship to the rest of the world?”

…Based on the circumstances – including a bottle of Oxycontin found in the plane with three pills missing – Bachman arrested McEnry for being under the influence of a controlled substance.

McEnry reportedly explained that he uses marijuana and Oxycontin and “always flies high.” Before being booked, he was taken to a hospital and, according to court papers filed by the defense, treated for hypothermia, a condition that may exhibit symptoms similar to intoxication.

A year ago, he pleaded guilty to flying without a license, and on Wednesday, he was sentenced in Fresno federal court to 21 months in prison.

Read the full cheek splitting story here.

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