Bass and Neely–Through the Eyes of Women

Kathy Srabian, host of Through the Eyes of Women on KHSU set down with the two candidates for Supervisor in the fourth district, Bonnie Neely and Virginia Bass and asked some excellent questions.  Here is a partial transcript of their marijuana responses but the half hour show offers a great deal of insight into the candidate’s positions on subjects ranging from gay marriage to the Balloon Track.

Neely on Marijuana:  “It’s been Humboldt County’s cash crop for decades. I think we are all aware of how it’s contributed to our economy.  I think the role of the county will be how we address that, how we regulate it.  I see it as a very positive thing.  I lived in Amsterdam, Holland and I lived in London, England in my twenties.  These are two countries that decriminalized marijuana.  They didn’t see an increase in drug use or abuse because of it.  They looked at from a budgetary perspective, from an environmental perspective. And I think Humboldt County needs to do the same thing.   We shouldn’t be afraid of this.  We need to step up and make sure that what is branded as a Humboldt county industry continues to be a Humboldt County industry.  And that we don’t lose this option to places like Oakland that are permitting indoor grows in huge warehouses trying to capture the entire market for medical cannabis.

…I think there definitely needs to be an adult conversation about this.  I consider myself the adult in this race.  I think that I would be a good person to help broker this conversation, to help educate the public, how the decriminalization could assist the community in terms of budgets. How we could free up jail space where now we have incarcerated users of medical marijuana, etc.   I think definitely we need to have that conversation in our community.  I have attended a few different meetings throughout the county where they’re have discussions about this subject.”

Bass on Marijuana: “I’ve heard that the impact from the industry could be up to I think its $ 1 billion in this community when you start looking at all the ancillary ways that it gets infused in the community.  My first focus with the marijuana situation has been with the City of Eureka to work on our ordinance so that we can get grow houses out of  neighborhoods. I think that’s actually in my mind a problem that I want to see addressed first.  The city has done a good job of that. The county still has a little work to do on an ordinance that helps at least structure what happens in the world of the marijuana growing that protects the neighborhoods.

But when you’re talking economic, you know, I think what the Supervisors can do is be part of the larger discussion of “If Proposition 19 passes, what does that look like here?”  And its going to make  a very negative impact  on a lot of.. cash sales.  …Some people say let’s capitalize on it, let’s make it part of the tourist industry… I’ve heard other people say “I don’t even want to think about it. You know it’s just not going to happen.”  So I think its important that the conversations are happening. And the supervisors need to be part of the conversation.  I have to tell you right off the bat, I don’t know the right direction. or what the supervisors will do but you know I just think they’ve got to be part of the discussion on “what do we do,  what does it look like?”

…We could bring people to the table that could leave their biases behind…There are a lot of people  …who could bring some real valuable solutions forward but they’re not real fond of the idea that it could pass in the first place..  Once the the election goes through and if Proposition 19 moves forward, I think you are going to be able  bring more people to the table  because they are going to finally look at it and say alright this is more like a business and its going to be taxed how do we regulate it like we do other things in our community how do we make it more of a business then it is bringing some fo the operators who have been growing we got to do this in a way that’s a business.  I think it is really going to change … I can’t believe all the money would dry up completely.  but I also know people that say, “Even now without Prop 19 passing., prices are coming down….I don’t have a really good answer for you….  We need to have a very real adult discussion.  But I’m not really certain who the people are to bring to the table on that.  ..There are very influential people in the community who are going to have a real hard time thinking that this is the.. direction it is going but once it becomes a’ve got to react.  Isn’t it better to be proactive and plan before it’s a law. …There are other people who don’t want to even enter the conversation because they have it blocked out thinking it’s not going to happen. …”

You might also want to check out the Sentinel’s interviews on Youtube.



  • through the eyes of a human

    women shwomen…I don’t play the gender game when it comes to somebody having some sort of physical control of my life. This sinches it, the human being that goes by the name of Bass is a complete shill. How that human being got to be mayor is beyond me. I hope it didn’t simply boil down to the fact that this particular human is a woman. I really really hope voters are smarter than that. Neely demonstrates substance and talks sense.

    • Human,

      The interviews that Kathy does are usually full of information for both genders. Through the Eyes of Women just seeks to make sure that women’s stories are brought to the front. If you listen both interviews Neely comes across as sharp and focused. Bass talks circuitously. Maybe she is just nervous but she doesn’t seem to have as many clear goals as Neely.

      • through the eyes of a human

        hi kym…I understand the premis of the show, but can’t help it that my first impression looking at this one is to think of how ridiculous it would be if it were “Virginia Bass and Bonnie Neely: Through the Eyes of Men.” Similarly with the recent posts about pot farmer’s wives. If they were identical but gender shifted, the stereotype would be leaning heavily toward macho bravado, and generally frowned upon. But I digress…it’s more funny to me than anything, and embraces a healthy dichotomy of the sexes. Believe you me, I love everything that’s different about women.

        I’ve been paying attention to what the candidates have been saying for quite some time, but until now hadn’t read their views on marijuana culture. It amazes me that anybody takes bass seriously at all. I’m sure she’s a really nice person, but also a political puppet who’s really ignorant about what’s going on in this county outside her circle of sponsers.

        • I have to admit that when I first heard of the show I thought similarly but after spending many hours listening, I just listen because it’s good and I learn something from almost every piece.

          • Hi, Through the Eyes of a Human, I am one of the hosts of the show, a show that only interviews women. During my own examination of the premise I have come to greatly appreciate the space for women this show creates. When I was asked to host, I too thought a show with only women on it was silly or being too sensitive but I have changed my mind. I now love that it is only women and I see reasons for it to be that way.
            If you go to your radio and start turning the dial, mostly you will hear the voice of men. I just did it and down the dial, all men. I appreciate that there is this space for women. And I appreciate your point of view as well, for once it was mine.
            About this particular show, Ms. Bass gave me the opinion through her word use that her opinion of those in the industry of marijuana were somehow ‘less than’ those in business. The growers themselves would not be worth talking to. Looking at the situation as a class issue may be something I do a show on in the future. I have to look into this more.
            Questions! I love them!

            • THrough the Eyes of a Human

              when it comes to being real sarcastic assholes, no demographic does it better than the white male over 30. That said, I hope you didn’t take anything I wrote as a negative. I recently got a car after 3 years without…been able to tune in to local radio again and am glad to hear its quality hasn’t deteriorated. Pretty much anywhere else in the state, the only good radio with some real change up in content are the college stations. Here, I can circle just hte local stations and there’s almost always something good on somewhere. I don’t recognize your show by name, but might by ear.


  • Live in the Eel watershed? This race involves you and the Eel, and all our rivers. Get this from The Reporta blog:

    Richard Marks (Bass Manager) says:
    September 9, 2010 at 2:05 pm

    Virginia accepted $1,500 from former 4th District Supervisor Danny Walsh who happens to be a lobbyist and people like you are trying to tie this with one of his clients. Bonnie has been given $10,000 a pop from people with absolutely no ties to Humboldt County. Paint that how you will.

    Anonymous: The Sonoma County Water Agency is Danny Walsh & Associates’ ONLY client. (Source: CA Secretary of State). These are the people who have been taking our water and want more all the time.

    Bass? Sundberg? DISQUALIFIED.

    The Secretary of State posts a lists of registered lobbyists that includes a list of their clients. Walsh has had other clients in past years, but in recent times, only the one. The big donations were made at the last minute, a time-honored tradition used so voters don’t really know who is behind the campaign. Read it and weep, Richard:

    • It is easy for SoHummers to dismiss this race as not their district but who becomes supervisor will influence the county’s direction. We should be paying attention and donating to the candidate of our choice.

    • Lets see here, Turtle seizes upon a single out of town donation, vs Boonie’s vast majority of out of town donations. What was that 10k from a SoCal developer? A fundraiser in Sacramento?

      Lets think about the water issue here, the pulp mill is having a hard time to get restarted, leaving a large amount of water unused. By law, you either use that water, or lose it to some other entity. Most likely answer, is we will lose it, to Santa Rosa. That doesn’t mean Eel river water, but Mad River water. This the likely path, regardless of who is elected.

      If the BOS, and specifically Neely really cared about jobs, and water, they would place that 6 million surplus, plus much more in to getting that pulp mill back up and running.

      Instead we have a supervisor who has six terms on the BOS, over twenty-four years, and jack squat to show for it, except for changing political parties, and a nose dive in number of jobs. Yeah, go Bonnie!

  • Thanks for putting this up, Kym, it’s very informative. Clearly Bonnie’s given the matter more thought than Virginia, but equally clearly she’s done nothing more about it. Virginia expresses the difficulty we face, win or lose in November: “There are very influential people in the community who are going to have a real hard time thinking that this is the.. direction it is going . . .”

    And all we have to do about this division is . . . nothing, as usual. Our county has institutionalized “Elephant? What elephant?” thinking for so many decades that even canny pols who understand reality are paralyzed by what they understand.

    My gut sense is that medical marijuana will be the path of progress for Humboldt regardless of Prop 19. But how do we start moving?

  • I agree that up until this point the Supes have been lacking in understanding of the County’s economic basis (or at least unwilling to address it.) Will this year mark a change?

  • Bonnie Neely, in my humble opinion is one smart cookie.
    Humboldt County should feel honored to have such an intelligent rep amongst them.

    Why are so many people within the Humboldt cannabis culture so frigg’n scared of change?
    Change………..more often than not, is a GOOD thing! If something isn’t working, it’s only reasonable and progressive to make changes in one’s mindset. Try something different!

    It appears there a only a few smart entrepreneurs within the local geography that really “get it”.
    Those few are the ones whom will organize, lead, benefit, and profit from coming out from under cover.
    Those that continue to sit on their lazy asses and complain and profess the doom and gloom dynamic will get exactly what they deserve = nothing.
    Grow some balls (and continue growing the best Cannabis in the world), get a visible life, and get on with sorely needed, unheralded change!

  • Sonoma County’s budget item 6500 (Professional/Special Services) went up 857.45% this year, from 4700 to 40,000. Wonder if that was election money? A real reporter could ask the agency how much they have been spending with Walsh. On the other hand, if that’s his only client, case closed.

  • If only the editors and publisher who employ the so called “real reporters” in town cared enough to want to actually cover politics during the campaigns. They’ll run their one time “in depth” articles right before the election, but that does not allow for the back and forth nor for the fact checking or analysis that would actually be of service to their readers.
    Thanks for what you got out of them here. It’s very useful.

    • Joe,
      I’d like to take credit but all I did was spend some time transcribing the answers to Kathy Srabian’s excellent questions. I hope you also take the time to listen to the interview. Lots of great stuff in there.

  • I agree with Joe. I would like to see more realistic coverage of issues that concern us all.

    The flows in the Eel River must be protected. Humboldt county can’t afford to have more of our precious water diverted when the health of our rivers is at stake.

    Kym, I appreciate your informative blog and the thoughtfulness and intelligence of your participants. I look forward to visiting SoHum and listening to your concerns so we can work together to build a sane future.

    Best wishes, Bonnie Neely

  • I agree with Joe. I would like to see more realistic coverage of issues that concern us all.

    The flows in the Eel River must be protected. Humboldt county can’t afford to have more of our precious water diverted when the health of our rivers is at stake.

    Kym, I appreciate your informative blog and the thoughtfulness and intelligence of your participants. I look forward to visiting SoHum and listening to your concerns so we can work together to build a sane future.

    Best wishes, Bonnie Neely

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