Pot Wives


Erma Bombeck wrote about suburban America with a sharp pen but a warm heart.  A woman named Heather Donahue is doing the same for the marijuana world.  Donahue calls the women living with growers “pot wives” and says “they’re like Beverly Hills trophy wives but with more body hair. ”

The women she talks about in the video above don’t have much to do with the “money garden.”  The ones I know do.  Is that just a Humboldt phenomenon? Nonetheless, she’s funny and appears to know what she is talking about. An article by her in the Huffington Post talks about the Marijuana Middle Class and wonders whether the corporate world will gobble up the mom and pop farmers. I wonder that, too.

I’m looking forward to her book, Growgirl: the Blossoming of an Unlikely Outlaw. Maybe she’ll have some answers.  At least, she’ll make me laugh.



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