Dennis Peron Suffers Seizure While Raided by Partner of Officer who Shot Him 32 years Ago

Yesterday evening, Leland Cole, founding member, and the present director of The International Cannabis Patient’s And Caregiver’s Clemency Project, reported on Facebook that Dennis Peron was raided in San Francisco.   According to a story in the online version of the Examiner, Peron–one of the main founders of the medical marijuana movement, “who was recovering from a stroke, suffered a seizure as narcs broke down the door of his home.”

The same source reported that the partner of the man who shot him in 1978, a Detective Vargas, was one of the officials at the raid.  According to a biography published by High Times, Peron was shot during the Big Top Bust on his home.  During the trial, the officer dismissed the shooting saying that if Peron had died it would have meant “one less faggot in San Francisco.”



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