SoHumBorn Sunday: Interview with Local Celebrity on KHSU

Missing your favorite fiction writer?  You can hear her talk tomorrow on KHSU. (Though her voice will be slightly disguised to keep her anonymity.) Former blogger, SoHumBorn whose tales of the outlaw world of marijuana growers have captivated an online audience will be interviewed by Kathy Srabian on the show Through the Eyes of Women at 1:30pm.

Several consider SoHumBorn a local historian even though her work is fiction. Her tales draw a vivid picture of both the domestic and the dangerous part of growing pot.  Srabian says,

Though some consider her writing dangerous and too revealing of Humboldt’s marijuana culture, many view her as chronicling insightful details of a rich lifestyle on the verge of disintegration; Sohumborn captures a way of life that may disappear completely with the legalization of marijuana.

This is also the time to point out that I put all her story links on a separate page.  Find it on the upper right-hand corner  of this blog.



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