Out in the Open–Growers Converge for a Meeting in Arcata

Times change fast!  Saturday’s meeting at the Bayshore Grange in Arcata will gather together in one room growers and people who have a wealth of information to share with them.  Last year this could never have happened.

Anna Hamilton, who garnered international attention with a meeting she put together last March entitled What’s After Pot, is organizing this new gathering entitled Humboldt Cannabis–A Future of Opportunity for the new cannabis umbrella group–Humboldt Medical Marijuana Advisory Panel (HuMMAP).  An outstanding lineup of speakers will be available.

Dan Rush from United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 5, San Jose fired up the crowd at the Ukiah growers’ meeting last April.  He generated enthusiasm among the growers there speaking about his desire to unionize cannabis workers.  His union is believed to be the first to reach out to the marijuana workforce.   According to the LA Times, Richard Lee creator of the initiative explained, “It’s another validation of the idea that the cannabis industry is a legitimate industry that creates taxpaying jobs.” Rush is also known to have pull with Democratic leaders and is a supporter of Prop. 19. and growers here hope to build connections that ensure that their point of view is represented in government.

The meetings in Redway and in Ukiah were packed so show up early to ensure seats.


2:00-2:05: MEETING CALLED TO ORDER by Anna Hamilton

2:05-2:15: HUMMAP INTRODUCTION by Syreeta Lux

2:15-2:30: PERSPECTIVES ON OPPORTUNITY with Hank Sims (editor of the North Coast Journal), Kym Kemp (me) and Kevin Hoover (editor Arcata Eye)  and Marcy Burstiner (HSU journalism professor).

2:30-2:45: CITY, COUNTY AND STATE with Mark Lovelace (County Supervisor), Eureka, Arcata representatives

2:45-3:00: MEDICAL AND CRIMINAL MARIJUANA LAW with Mel Pearlston and Ed Denson (attorneys).

3:00-3:15: PATIENTS AND PROVIDERS with patients and providers from Humboldt Patient Resource Center of Arcata and the Hummingbird Healing Center by Eureka.

3:15-3:35: DOCTOR WILLIAM COURTNEY on medicinal values of cannabis

3:35-3:50: SUSTAINABILITY with Charley Custer of the Tea House Collective

3:50-4:00: LAB TESTING AND SCIENCE with Ian Hammon-Hogan (Chemist) and Charles Davy (business owner)

4:00- 4:20 BREAK

4:20-4:40: THE DYNAMIC CANNABIS MARKETPLACE with Dan Rush of UFCW5 United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 5, San Jose.

4:40-5:05: TAX AND REGULATE CANNABIS (PROP. 19) with Mauricio Garzon


Trippit of Mendocino Medical Marijuana Advisory Panel

5:25-545: POLITICAL ACTION with Ellen Komp, Deputy Director of California NORML

5:45-5:55: LOBBYING with Haylee Corliss (intern for Rep. Tom Ammiano–backer of the legalize marijuana bill)


6pm: MEET THE PRESS-Television, radio and print media invited into hall to interview and film

willing members of the public and speakers.

Snacks provided by Humboldt Patient Resource Center and the Gastronomes’ Incredible Edibles.

Accommodations for out of town guests provided by Hummingbird Healing Center. All proceeds go

to cover Humboldt Medical Marijuana Advisory Panel’s costs of producing this educational event. For

more information go to www.HuMMAP.org.



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