Cannabis and Police Logs

Just in time for the big grower’s meeting at the Bayside Grange this Saturday, The Arcata Eye is putting out its second issue devoted largely to cannabis issues.

I have a piece on the struggles of new cannabusinesses and county officials trying to navigate untested waters where no other business has gone before.  I haven’t got my hands on a copy yet but I’m looking forward to reading the pieces by activists and reports following the local marijuana scene.

And the twisted vision of Kevin Hoover on the police log is one of the best reads in Humboldt County. My current favorite is “2:19 p.m. A supermarket in the remote westward reaches of 11th Street reported a toilet paper heist, and the buttwipe bandit’s address was known to the store. An officer went there, but if anyone was inside, they refused to come to the door, possibly being busy elsewhere in the house.”  But then I keep returning to

7:32 a.m.

A pianist pounded the keys

And neighbors on K Street weren’t pleased

The playing and singing

Had left their ears ringing

When cops came, the concert had eased

If you are from out of town and heading to the meeting, make sure you pick up a copy to get in-depth articles on the cannabis world here in Humboldt.  Also last week’s articles are now on line

Photo from last week’s Arcata Eye.


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