"Every Adult Should Then Grow Cannabis" Financial Times Deutschland Does Humboldt

When German businessmen recently wanted to hear about marijuana, they sent a reporter to talk to Bruce Perlow, well known marijuana personality, and then they sent the reporter to Humboldt. According to the article, “Hier, in den Landkreisen Mendocino, Humboldt und Trinity, befinden sich die größten Anbaugebiete der USA.Here, in the counties of Mendocino, Humboldt and Trinity, are the largest growing areas in the United States.  …Cultivating the finest and most potent cannabis strains in the Emerald Triangle, a region, 300 miles north of San Francisco.”

Reading through Google translate is hilarious at times “Every adult should then grow cannabis on a limited area, about 30 grams of the drug and have to consume.”  (Holy green leaves, Batman, I haven’t smoked marijuana in years.  Now I have to consume 30 grams?)

But besides hilarity that ensues with mistranslation, the piece reinforces some points that locals need to consider.  One being that if marijuana is legalized, California would have “the most tolerant marijuana laws in the world – not even in the Netherlands, [is] cannabis cultivation … officially permitted.” We would be the only place in the western world where marijuana growing is permitted albeit on a very very small scale.

The juxtaposition of Perlow and Humboldt in the article is illuminating. Perlow says he is working to bring 420 tourism to Humboldt and its surrounds. Both are oldtime stars of the cannabis world.  But are they still?  As the times change are both of them making the right moves to ensure that they stay in the forefront of the new marijuana world?


Photo from the article

Hat tip to Mikal of One Good Year for his twitter about this.



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