Tokin' and Travelin'–New Studies on the Effects of Driving while High

Driving and getting high–keeping them separate keeps you safe in my opinion.

However, for people worried that legalization shouldn’t happen until there is a definitive way to tell if a driver is intoxicated on marijuana, new studies show that the effects of smoking pot don’t change the driving skills of most people.

Investigators reported that volunteers performed virtually the same after smoking cannabis as they did sober and/or after consuming a placebo.”

In fact, stoned drivers preformed better than drivers who had consumed alcohol but were under the legal limit.

Speaking as someone who is on the road with you, I’d still rather you weren’t under the influence of alcohol or cannabis.



  • In my young and foolish days, decades ago, I had to drive home from a party stoned. When you lose your sense of time on a micro scale, it is not possible to be safe on the road. I kept fugue-checking the signal lights, then had to remember what “green” meant. Stopped 30 feet from the intersection lines. I was lucky to have the empty streets of the wee hours to protect me. After that, I will always vote to outlaw stoned driving.


    I came across this while searching the web…..

    if zero tolerance becomes effective, it will be hard one as marijuana can show up in the system for quite awhile after the person has used pot.

    • Sageplant, that is a good link. A reader posted something about this a little over a week ago–they said, “Behavioral impairment is not the issue. Expanding the criminal class is the issue. Government will never rest until it categorizes most of us as criminals.” I don’t think the government intends to categorize most people as criminals but it does seem sometimes that will be the net effect of these kinds of laws.

      • i missed that post and it has more info. It seems that this will be another legal battle in CA to keep this from happening here.
        will be interested in hearing about the Ed Denson case too..

  • I have a friend who was recently cited by the CHP for DUI(pot)… Ed Denson is his attorney and more will be revealed.

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