Parody of The Anti Legalization Marijuana Grower

I borrowed this from It is a fun watch but it is also indicative of the feeling among smokers that growers are trying to prevent legalization in order to keep prices up at the expense of the consumer and medical patient.

This is not what I saw at Tuesday’s “What’s After Pot” meeting.  I saw the majority of growers facing legalization with trepidation but they were not trying to stop it. They were trying to figure out how to meet the coming challenges.

The AP reporter put a spin on the story that has marijuana chat rooms and newspaper comments vilifying the “greedy grower.” Too bad.  For an example of responsible reporting look at Donna Tam’s piece in today’s Times Standard.


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  • Alas, I can’t find a video, but remember when weed was young and folks were union minded?

    The skit parodied a commercial promoting union made clothing, the ILGWU, I think.

    The AP reporter was totally out to lunch. Donna Tam is spot on, and I thank her for summarizing the stakeholder survey results we compiled.

    I keep repeating that this is an economic issue, not a drug issue. This is an environmental issue, this is a labor issue. Eventually people will hear it that way.

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