Home is Where the Humboldt is


Some of us pledge undying love to people and some of us also pledge undying love to a place.

Humboldt is the place my life started, where I took my first breath, lost my first tooth, spoke my first word, got my first kiss, fell in love for the very first time. I’ve lost and gained all those things that make up a childhood in Humboldt, and it will always be my first love. From summer days spend lazing by a murky pond, to winter nights bundled up under the stars, there’s no place I’d rather call home, and though my life may take me away, I will always find comfort in knowing that whenever I choose she’ll be there with arms open waiting to pull me right back into the warm embrace that is knowing where you come from, and where you belong.

A new blog written by “A Humboldt girl away from Humboldt” glows with photos, good writing, and a love of this beautiful place.  Welcome.



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