Good Thing We Live in Humboldt or How to Embarrass your Teenager

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Frequent Photo

“Mom, will you download some photos of Grandpa Mike’s paintings so I can take them to art class.”

Such a sweet beginning–too bad it will land my son with countless hours on the psychiatrist’s couch.

Last night, in a hurry, I quickly downloaded photos of my father-in-law’s  work onto a memory stick and sent it off to with Quinn to his college art class.

Today, he handed it to his teacher who uploaded the first photo  onto the big screen in front of the entire roomful of students.

It was that photo above.

Quickly, the professor scrolled through the twenty or so marijuana images that followed. Unfortunately, somehow the correct photos hadn’t saved.  One green bud closeup after another flashed across the screen.  A couple opium poppies flashed orange and purple petals.  The professor glared at my 16 year old son who muttered, “Sorry, my mom works for Grow magazine.”

Somehow, I bet the professor classed that excuse right up there with “the dog ate my homework.”


This photo and the others are from my latest feature piece for Grow magazine, Outdoor Growing: It’s a Game. The magazine should be out this next week.  Buy some copies, I’m going to need the money to pay for my son’s therapy.



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