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Recently, I’ve read a study about eating small marijuana leaves fresh and raw. This is supposed to stimulate our bodies own cannabinoids.  Now I can’t find it or any other information except a few allusions in comments by a Dr. Chandler in Mendocino.

I would so much appreciate more information if anyone knows where to find it–preferably scientific studies.  Thanks.

76 thoughts on “Marijuana in the Raw

  1. Kym…this topic caught my eye in the articles by Dr. Ted Courtney in the New Settler this past year. If you don’t have those, send me your PO Box and I will photocopy or pass on an extra. One tidbit of possible interest that I remember from those article was the discovery that there is a cannibanoid peak at a certain age of the marijuana sprout. You remember that it is the male leaves that have the most anti-inflammatory property? I will double check that one from his articles.

    • I read the interview with Dr. Courtney and was very excited by it, but I couldn’t find basic instructions on how to juice the leaves. I want to try this for an incurable, degenerative disease.

      When he says “leaves” does he mean any leaves off the plant? Or is it specific leaves, like ones near the top where the flower is? And does it matter how old the plant is? Does it matter if it’s in bloom or veg?

      Any help is much appreciated.

      • I’m stilling trying to parse this out. I understand that chopping the leaves very fine (a la making pesto) in a food processor and then consuming in other raw foods such as juice or salad is the way to go.

          • Yeas juicing th young leaves is really good, but make sure you know of ther origin, so soak overnight in a light vinegar base to remove any sprays, (unless you know for sure that they are organic with only organic sprays for pest control), then rinse before juicing, you might want to add a carrot or an apple, the green juice is pretty strong,


  2. Don’t have much information about this, but in Peru we used to chew Coca leaves and drink Coca tea. The concentration of the unrefined coca is meaningless from a drug standpoint, but the tea is supposed to help with tiredness and altitude sickness. I am not sure if I imagined the effects though. I may have had to chew more leaves to feel anything, but I can imagine that the effects of Cannabis leaves may be somewhat similar.

  3. Those are nasturtiums. I have some myself that haven’t flowered yet. I love to put the flowers into salads–I like the spicy leaves, too, but my kids don’t.

    The raw cannabis isn’t for a high. It is supposed to have medicinal qualities without producing a high which is what I am looking for. Someone close to me is interested in the possibilities for their medical condition.

    • The main benefit of Cannabis leaves is as an anti inflammatory according to Courtney. The wheat grass juicer sounds like a good idea. Our beloved Government has patented CBD according to someone or other. Courtney does (or did) have office hours in Garberville. He is a knowledgeable and committed advocate for Cannabis.

    • Yes Bill, Dr. Ted Courtney loves the lesser know constituents of Marijuana, and somewhere in either issue 142 or 146 of the New Settler he made a remark about one of the CBD’s peaking in the sprout at a certain age. I just saw an ad in the NCJ for appts up north or in garberville, boy if I was an article writeress…I sure would want to interview him…….
      My favorite quote from issue 146, which is a quote from the winter/spring 2008 issue of Fred Gardner’s clinical journal, “O’Shaughnessy’s ‘Hedonic tone': ‘Maintaining a “hedonic tone” via a functional endocannabinoid system may be critical for maintaining personal optomism and society productivity in the face of chronic stress and an ultimately unrewarding consumer culture”.
      Hedonic toning sounds good to me!

  4. I’ve heard about the school. I haven’t been able to find anything about cannabanoid receptors and raw marijuana there though.

  5. I vaporise my herbal remedies at different temperatures hoping to extract some of the flavanoids and vitamins. Often, I will extract these compounds at a shade under 200F and save the remaining herb for further extraction when I have a few hours with nothing to do. I have been curious as to the potency of different varieties for aromatherapy. Maybe this Courtney fellow knows.

    I stopped using pyrolysis for herbal extractions a few years ago and do not miss the charred urine taste or smell. I feel sorry for those who have to burn their herbal remedies due of the high price of precision vaporisation instruments.

  6. I’m slowly learning so much but not enough to tell you if that is Master Kush or some other strain. I would have to ask the owner.

  7. I knew a woman who swore that eating fresh marijuana leaf gave her much relief during mentsruration than ibuprofen, and without the upset stomach many people get from taking OTC medications. Supposedly fresh marijuana leaf (without sticky thc if possible) has amazing anti-inflammatory properties. If you have access to such vegetation, try it!

  8. Hi Kym –
    Any chance these articles are available online? I’ve been searching and couldn’t find more specifics. I am also interested in exploring the medicinal properties in a raw form.
    Blessings – Kirk

  9. I have not found them anywhere and I have been searching for anything about the properties of raw weed. If you find something, please point me to it. Someone close to me could possibly benefit.

  10. Politicians are 10 years behind the times when it comes to hemp use. People have been fighting for a long time against marijuana and pot prohibition with some movement going on now. Still too slow for those caught up in the jail system for possessing a little weed. Our freedoms have been trampled on by folks who know nothing about how beautiful cannabis can be for someones life, if one learns how to grow cannabis. Keep up the good work.

  11. Raw Cannabis is one of the most nutritious leafy greens you can eat. It has the largest clorophyll content also loaded in highest amount of antioxidents including thc. I make green smoothies, salads using fresh buds and greens never gotten stoned. It is super food containing all the essential amino acids, absolutely every thing the body needs. The human brain also has thc receptors very unique, tells me that were biologically designed to eat cannabis. Hemp is also high in tryptophan wich in its raw state is essential for the production of seretonin in the brain. Antidepresents mimc tryptophan which in its raw uncooked state is extremely lacking in most peoples diets.

    I love the weed it tastes delicous.

  12. The latest issue of the New Settler has the most up to date info on eating leaves from Dr. Ted Courtney. He tells when the sun leaves are at their peak of CBD’s, and how much to eat.

  13. Fiance here:

    We just watched a documentary (can’t remember the name) on Hemp. There was a guy in the midwest (total redneck) who’s family used to grow hemp. He was talking about making a meal out of seeds for horse and cow feed. There were several people who had been feeding it to their horses that said the horses did very well and lasted much longer on trail rides while working the cattle. It seems that seeds are a great source of nutrition not only for people but for livestock as well.

  14. Fiance again…

    Back about 15 years ago a friend of mine that was sellilng hemp clothing (bringing the fabric in from China for manufacture here) was also bringing in 2lb bags of non-fertile seeds. I got a bag and was using them in salads and stuff, grinding them up as a flour substitute….they were great in breads, I don’t know if I gained anything nutritionally…but they were good. He is now locked up for life on “conspiracy” charges so I lost that deal………but wouldn’t mind finding another supplier of seeds for food.

  15. Hi,

    I have been juicing leaves for some time now, It does help with my degenerative condition, I like to mix it with carrot, ( as an additional anti inflammatory), I did not think about the anti depressive aspect, but that makes sense, And I like to add an apple, I dont care for the juice straight, I find it too harsh,
    I use a Champion juicer, and you can use thew pulp for baking,make sure you clean your supply, I like to soak and wash them in a vinegar solution to remove any spray residue,
    Bon Appetite’

    • Al,
      How much leaf does it take to make a therapeutic dose of the juice? (and how much juice is that?) Are we talking small quantities, like a wheatgrass shot? Because that’s still going to take a lot of leaves, if it’s anything like wheatgrass… And can you use the stem, and other parts of the plant?
      Thanks a lot-

  16. I too have read Dr. Courney’s interviews. He is brilliant, brainy, informative. Issues 142, 146 and 148 of The New Settler (707 937-5703) show his progression in learning and teaching about this amazing raw leaf, as well as significant historical and scientific information about the many amazing medicinal uses of cannabis. The Wellness Center in Arcata uses proceeds from a dispensary to offer free classes — exercise, dance, culinary arts, etc. They are truly promoting wellness. The nutritionist there is conducting a program to gather information on consumption of raw leaf. I can say this, I have eaten about 12 raw leaves about the size of my hand (fan leaves, they are called) nearly every day for several weeks now. (I blend them in my morning smoothie) You feel no psychotropic effects, but it is supposed to build up in your system and help whatever things anti-oxidants would help. I had painful bursitis when I started, and almost never notice it now, unless I really overdo it by standing in one position too long. I don’t think that is definitive proof, that the raw leaf is helping, but I do appreciate the unique opportunity of being involved in this study. They provide the leaves!! Cool, huh?

  17. I notice that when reading other web sites and posts about eating raw leaf a lot of people say they got really high or loaded from it. I think they have mistaken “raw” for un-smoked. If you DRY the leaf/bud, then it is not really fresh/raw. Evidently, just keeping it dry for a while does cause the THC-Acid to break down (de-carboxylate) into THC. The THC-A is non-psycotropic, while the THC that results from drying, heating, smoking, or other methods of decarboxylation, will defiinitely have strong effects.
    If anyone wants to try this who does NOT want to get high, they should use fresh, green, un-dried, raw leaf — right off the plant (like kale or spinach) and not dry or heat it in any way. I know someone experimenting with eating the fresh raw green flower/bud. She wasn’t sure yet whether there was any noticible high from it (other than a high like you get from eating raw chocolate). There is a substance called anandamide in both raw chocolate and raw cannabis. It makes you feel really good and happy, but not tripped out.
    I suppose many would think that is a waste of good bud, but it depends upon what you are trying to accomplish — excellent vibrant health, or a quick high. Who am I to judge??

  18. Here is one quote from Dr. Courtney:


    “Heat takes the whole class of acid molecules– as soon as you heat them, you break off that carboxi group, you produce the 20-carbon molecule (THC,CBD,CBC, CBG). But you lose the medicinal properties of those 21-molecules from the get-go. So… If you simmer it, steep it, saute it, bake it or smoke it you eliminate a whole big portion of this plant that took 34 million years to evolve. We interject our cultural values onto this plant at our own expense and our own detriment.” Dr. William Courtney in The New Settler Interview issue 146.

  19. Glee, Thank you for explaining what you are doing so simply that anyone can follow the regime should they choose to. After you have experimented for awhile longer please let me know the results.

  20. I will be glad to (let you know the results). I have noticed some diminishing of pain in my hip and back (I am 62). Also, I just realized that a chronic pain behind my shoulder blade has disappeared. Funny thing, one notices pain much more than the absence of it!! I trust that a lot of what happens is invisible. If one consumes leaf daily, they keep up a level of the cannabinoids in their system. It is similar to people taking 1/2 baby aspirin a day to avoid clotting. However, cannabinoids may do a better job than that. They are regulators. They can UP-regulate, or DOWN-regulate depending upon what the body is calling for. In other words, if you NEED your blood to clot (you have had and accident and are bleeding), the presence of cannabinoids most likely helps that — whereas if the body is reacting to irritation inside the arteries by beginning to form a clot, which could travel to your heart and kill you, the cannabinoids (if already present, from consuming them daily), will likely stop the clot from forming. Much more study needs to be done on this, but this type of action is what is being discovered in today’s research. No “drug” made by the drug companies can do that. I think it was Cheech and Chong in the 70’s who said about marijuana “It’s an upper AND a downer.” They were more right on than any of us knew at the time.

    I am very interested in it because I want to live a long life preferably WITHOUT pharmaceuticals, but I am finding I do need some help, with pain, memory weakening, and so on, and I believe that fresh raw cannabis, consumed daily as I do, might be just the ticket.

    Incidentally, Dr. William L. Courtney’s ad in The North Coast Journal reads:

    “Clinical Cannabis consultations
    Specializing in High Dose, Non-psychoactive & Dietary uses of the whole plant
    Traditional THC Dose=10 mg, Non-psychoactive CBD Dose=500 to 1,500 mg
    Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Diabetic, Anti-Arthritic, Anti-Neoplastic
    William L. Courtney MD Garberville and Arcata 961-1420″

    • If marijuana becomes legal, I intend to try consuming the raw leaves myself. What I’ve read has been very exciting. Since I’m not sick, I’m unwilling to get a medical. I wonder how many other people are like me.

  21. I have been studying this and juicing every few days. Dr. Courtney says to use the large shade leaves, or fan leaves at 3 months of age, before they begin to decline. His wife says to soak the leaves in water for 5 mins before juicing and to make sure they are clean. 10 leaves a day is one dose for one person. Split the juice into 5 parts or take sips 5 times a day. The juice only lasts one day. Mix it with other juices to improve the flavor or I use raw unheated honey as this is what we use in the Primal Diet to preserve our juice for up to 3 days. I keep the leaf juice for up to 3 days as well (in a ball jar with less than a tablespoon of air) but it does not taste fresh after the first day and it would be preferable to juice daily.

    I began about 1 month ago. I get a boosted feeling from it, not a high but more like caffeine. I have noticed a big difference in my skin which is softer and heals faster. I see other positive signs but cannot be sure they are from the juice as yet. These are feelings of well being and feeling more balanced emotionally. It also seems to be regulating my hormones and it seems to be cleansing my colon. Quite profound and I am recommending that others experiment with it as well.

    • Ronit,
      Thank you so much for giving clear directions.

      Reading this, I’m trying to reconcile the use of green leaves with the fact that mostly that will mean indoor grows which are detrimental to the environment. Although I hear deprevators are getting more and more successful.

    • It said 3 months of age BEFORE decline. What about 1-2 months old? And is it OK to digest the smaller leaves too? I know certain leaves and sprouts has an enzyme that aren’t good for humans/animals to eat, as this protects the plant (to grow mature, defense mechanism).

  22. Help me understand — why would it mean mostly indoor grows? Also, how do you see indoor growing as detrimental to the environment — mostly in the way things are disposed of? Couldn’t a person grow outdoor or indoor quite organically? And, last but not least, what is a deprevator? I have no clue whatsoever.

  23. Glee,

    Getting 3 month old plants midwinter as per Ronit’s instructions would mean indoor plants or a depravator (which is plants grown in the sun but with curtain-like surrounds so that the light could be manipulated to bring the plant to bud in the off season.)

    Indoor grows use massive amounts of energy to grow a plant that can be grown outside. That is the major environmental mess they make. Second, diesel spills, electrical fires, moldy and pesticide ridden pot are also more commonly found in indoor. Some conscientious growers do manage indoor organic (Most don’t) however, growing indoors takes huge amounts of energy. Some Grad students at HSU compared Humboldt’s use of energy with California’s as a whole. Until indoor grows became popular, Humboldt’s usage paralleled California’s. But now, Humboldt uses 30% more per capita than does the rest of the state–directly attributable to indoor marijuana grows.

    • Very interesting statistics. Thanks for that, and for some new information as well. I see it would be tricky getting leaves in off season that were grown outdoors. I think the ones they supply me with must be grown indoors, although I haven’t seen the facilities. I wonder if freezing them would hurt them, make them psychoactive, or take away their benefits?? It would be cool if the growers could be persuaded to move toward solar (even for indoors), or LED (when the price drops a bit.

      • Some indoor growers are already experimenting with LED lights (the jury is still out on them.) Solar however doesn’t provide the needed juice to power the massive draws of large grows.

  24. Fiance here: that didn’t make sense….as a supplement with indirect sun light for veg….is what I meant I think.

  25. i have met a couple people here in colorado who absolutely swear by there LED lights.

    some are even growing as many as 100 plants under just LED’s. i have smoked the finishsed product from under LED’s and didnt really notice a difference. that being said, i still dont know if i am going to choose a LED over a HPS.

    anyways i really wanted to comment to kym, have you ever though about making hemp oil? i saw your comment earlier that you wanted to know more about the consumption of leaves, because you knew someone that could possibly benefit.

    im sure you have heard of rick simpson and his hemp oil. i have yet to make it(plan to after my first harvest) but from what i understand there are no psychoactive effects, and it has been said to cure cancer! (im sure you know) :)

    • LED’s are one way to reduce energy use so I hope they are as good as you say. If I sound skeptical, its because I’ve heard some negative views but I haven’t researched them.

      I have heard of Rick Simpson and his hemp oil. I just haven’t seen enough evidence to prove its effectiveness (but I do think it has exciting possibilities.)

  26. T – Thanks for the info about the LEDs in Colorado. I really hope that the LEDs do work and that they catch on. I am pretty sure that would be much better for the environment. I think the cost is what keeps most people from using them — the initial cost.

    It seems important to try to help clear things up about hemp oil, simpson oil, etc. A) There is a food grade hemp oil made from seeds that is very nutritious and is sold in lots of natural food stores. No problem with psychoactivity there. B) Rick Simpson has made and has a video about making “hemp oil” which is what he calls the strong concentrate that he makes. It is made the same way as the stuff others call “hash oil”. The name hemp oil is misleading, in my opinion, because it is not the same as hemp seed oil, which is called hemp oil, and it is not even an oil. It is an extremely concentrated distillate of cannabis which is mostly THC — no oil whatsoever. Watching the video, and knowing that you come out with VERY HIGH concentrations of THC, I would caution that it is probably also extremely psychoactive, though he states it just makes you sleepy (understatement, methinks).

    There are some pretty good testimonials from people that say it cured their cancers, but we do need to be careful of “research” that is mainly anecdotal evidence presented by someone who created the product. I hope there will be real research on that product as well. It would be hard to create a double blind study — give someone THC and someone else a non-THC placebo and keep them in the dark about whether they have ingested THC or not? I don’t THINK so. I am not saying it doesn’t cure cancer. Just not willing to say it does, at this point.

    Neither the hemp (seed oil) nor the simpson concentrate would take the place of fresh leaf and fresh leaf juice, which is entirely different from each of the other things. The fresh leaf has cannabinoids that have not been heated or decarboxlated or dried or smoked or cooked, etc etc. THESE are the substances that are being researched for their incredible nutritional and healing benefits — much like wheat grass juice, for instance. A research study could iindeed include a placebo substitute for fresh cannabis leaf, since the fresh leaf does not have psychotropic qualities.

    In my dreams — every community might have a huge deprivator system (now that I know what one is) that manipulates the sunlight and darkness and grows big plants year-round and makes the leaves available at local farmers markets, natural food stores and grocery isles!!

    Dr. Courtney’s latest recommendation is that one begin to consume fresh flower as well. Now, that would really be a high-cannabinoid, non-psychoactive food. We just need absolute clarity about what a fresh flower is. It has never been dried, heated, or tampered with in any way. It would be what you would get if you bit the flower off of a growing plant! Crazy, huh? If you goofed up and ate a dried flower, well, then you would possibly be exposing your system to the psychoactive effect.. Not sure on that. Getting a little outside my area of knowledge..

  27. i agree that rick simpson calling it hemp oil is a little misleading. i was actually watching his movie (run from the cure) the other day online, and i couldnt help but feel like i was watching a lame infomercial. the claims were great, but the movie was pieced together like a infomercial. just seemed a little odd.

  28. Does one have to have a medical card to digest a leaf, as it doesn’t have the THC? I would think not, as hemp oil and seeds are sold in stores. Though the laws can certainly be strange! ;).
    Also about the LED. Heard recently that after a while the lamps burnt up, as they have to stay on for so long.

  29. I don’t know about having a 215 for green leaf. I do have one, and get my leaf free from a dispensary, but I don’t know if the laws really know how to cover fresh green leaf yet. Seems like you should be able to buy it in the grocery store, but we’re not quite there yet.

    Hope the technology improves and price drops on LEDS. Again, not quite there yet.

  30. I may be unusually sensitive, but I’ve tried consuming some of the fresh leaves and small buds that my partner trims from her plants, and they get me pretty high – of the same quality as when I ingest edibles. That wasn’t really my goal when I decided to try them; in fact, I stopped because I didn’t really like the idea of flying all through the night. My problem might be that I’m not eating the leaves raw – I steamed them with other greens, and I suppose that might have been enough cooking to release the psychoactive chemicals. Both leaves and flowers are delicious, btw. And a lovely texture, especially with the little buds.

    I keep paying attention to the development of LEDs, but the technology doesn’t sound perfected yet. In contrast, my partner’s been using the same CFLs for three growing cycles now, and they continue to work consistently well – cheap to set up, cheap to run, safe to use in small spaces, relatively low energy usage with phenomenally good end results. Ideal for individual use, though probably not as well suited for large-scale production. Maybe, though.

  31. Its worth repeating. ANY heating, even drying, starts the decarboxylation, the removal of the A from THC-A. You end up with THC. THC gets you high, THC-A does not.

  32. Hello all! I am a Caregiver from Michigan and have been researching Dr Courtney’s work and happened upon this site. Does anyone have access to the New Settler Interview articles that are talked about early with his interviews? 142, 146, and 148 specifically. A couple of my patients have Inflammatory diseases and we are trying to figure out a regimen for the juice from raw leaf and bud. If anyone would be willing to scan or take a digi pic of them I would be extremely grateful. If necessary I will also pay for the trouble. Thanks!

    • I have 148 and would scan it for you but why not contact the New Settler and ask for the issues you need. po box 702 Mendocino, CA 95460. They are usually $2.50 a piece. I don’t know what postage would be though.

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  34. Hello all! I have also just started my juicing regime as well. I was just diagnosed with Crohn’s disease a month ago and want to give this a shot before Big pharma is my only option. I am lucky to have a sister who owns a dispensary in CO and they throw away their fan leaves! Plus, we are able to test all of our juices and extracts to see how much cbd/thc/cbn is actually in them.

    So far this week, I’ve juiced 30 leaves, 60 leaves, and now I’m trying 90 today. Besides tasting gross, I don’t really notice any other effects. I try to sip the juice throughout the day. I am also waiting to hear back from the lab about how much cbd is in 30 raw fan leaves.

    I’m already thinking that I will need to start juicing the buds and lots of them to get doses of 1000 – 2000 mg CBD.

    I’ve started a blog about my diagnosis and this is where I will put up lab results and outcomes of the juicing. I’d love to hear about how juicing has worked/not worked for others! Anyone with IBD out there??? Nikki

  35. I know it has been a while since anyone has posted but we are desperatly trying to find information about how to contact Dr. courtney or get detailed description of proper dosage and process of consuming juice from the leaves. It would be for a two year old who has brain cancer… Thank you

    • Dr. Courtney practices in Garberville, Arcata, and Mendocino (maybe other places, too) His Arcata practice’s number is (707) 825-9420. If that doesn’t work, let me know. I’ll email him for you.

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