Full Moon over Bear Buttes


May’s Milk Moon

Frequent Photo

The moon rises over Bear Buttes.

Tomorrow is the actual date of May’s full moon but tonight awed our family.  Tomorrow night ought to be beautiful, too, though.  Step outside tonight or tomorrow and enjoy the view.

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10 thoughts on “Full Moon over Bear Buttes

  1. For the Indians in Salmon Creek, the Creator was called Nagaitcho, “the night traveler”.. Nagaitcho is the Moon. Sometimes Nagaitcho walks along Elk Ridge to see what is happening on this earth. In Sinkyone Notes, Jack Woodman describes meeting Nagaitcho on the ridge and talking him out of destroying the world. The Creator hated seeing all his Tanoaks fallen with their bark peeled off but Jack told him that the white people didn’t know what they were doing and that destroying the World would ruin it for the people who were innocent.

  2. You constantly amaze me with your photography Kym. Just when I say this is my favorite, you conjure up something new that blows me away. Today, this is my new favorite. There is so much peace and serenity that speaks in this photo. Love it!

  3. This must have been taken facing east shortly after sunset, which is where the clouds get their pink tint. The moon was lovely on Saturday night up in Bellingham, but by Sunday the clouds had rolled in.

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