Diogenes' Lanterns


Diogenes’ Lantern

Daily Photo

They grow on the lower slopes in well drained light woods.  Along Highway 101, there is a delicate stand of them between Sylavandale and the Redway Exit but they are shy little creatures and not easily found.  None grow in  Salmon Creek that I have ever seen. They tend to huddle  in little clusters like a crowd of fairies holding high their lights as they walk home in an eerie world(see photos here). The blossoms glow in shady spots as if lit from within.

I’ve read that their bulbs are delicious but the flowers are so sweet and rare that I would have to be hungry indeed to sacrifice this equisite bloom to my appetite.


My photo was taken at the Manilla Spring Wildflower Show.  If you can go this weekend, it is a wonderful experience.  People are friendly and helpful and other showgoers are gregarious and well-informed, too.



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