Little Brown Birds


Little Brown Birds

Daily Photo

Little Brown Birds flit from bush to bush, cocking their heads at us, and chirruping every day.  We mostly don’t notice or name them but, without their cheerful flutter and chatter the world would be a sad quiet place.

I walked today in the Humboldt Bay National Wildlife Refuge.  The wetlands attracted many large glamourous birds but my favorites were the little, brown,  happy fellows chirping busily about their day.  I want to identify them all but I know I can’t so I don’t even try.



  • So I take it they’re not just sparrows?

  • To answer Nurse Myra’s question, this one looks like a chipping sparrow. But there are other little brown birds in the woods, like the tiny pine siskins.

  • My cat, Henry Miller, *loves* the little, brown birds the most. YUM.

  • Thank god, my cat prefers mice but she will hunt the birds, too.

  • I made a collage once of all kinds of magazine pictures I had snipped out. In the middle I placed a big, bold, beautiful himmingbird and I thought I liked it best for quite some time. Then one day I noticed a small nondescript, almost colorless bird I had placed down in the grass and flowers and I realized I really liked her best. It changed my life. Your story of the brown birds reminded me of it. Thanks.

  • did u ever hear that little bird in the morning, i dunno the name of the bird but, if yuo listen close, it makes the same exact same chkkk chkk chkkk… chkk chkkk sound that whiss clips make LOL theyll fool you every time.

  • The wiss clip bird is a mystery to me and I’ve been trying to identify it for years. I go on jags of trying to learn the sparrows too but I soon forget. I love the song of the House Finches and they are easy with their purple heads. Love my bird feeders, so do the cats. Just now I heard an unusual meow ouyside and looked out to see Minerva with an Oregon Junco. Damn! I have to hang the feeders higher.

  • Tj, I’m not surprised at that story. It fits the woman I’m coming to know!

    Suzy and Ben, I hear that one and one that sounds like a gear whirring. I can’t figure either out.

  • Hi Kym,

    I was just taking a peek at your site and saw your little brown bird. Nice photo! You know how much I love those wildlife challenges, so I thought I would share that the little brown bird is a Song Sparrow. They are one of our earliest local songsters here in Humboldt County and love to hang around water, willows and cat tails, and other low lying shrubs or cover. Great to see the diversity of your blog and all of the beautiful photos.


  • Kyle, Thank you. Someone else suggested the same on the other thread but coming from you, I now know for sure. The other day my son came home from school explaining to me that your daughter told him a bird was ….(I can’t remember which one but it wasn’t a common name.) I’d say like dad, like daughter.

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