At a Loss for Words to Say How Bee-utiful Something is?



Daily Photo

Drunk on hyacinth nectar, the bumblebee (and several of his friends) failed to go home.  In the morning, he awoke still soused and feeling blue.


Hey, if you’re like me and look at many beautiful photos every day by talented people, you find it difficult to find new ways of expressing your delight.  If so, you need this urbane comment generator.  If you find it difficult to find new ways to express your absolute disgust with the photographer, you might enjoy hurling Shakespearean insults for a change of pace.

Instead of saying,  “I like that!”  You could be commenting, “”It’s difficult to enter into this work because the iconicity of the spatial relationships seems very disturbing in light of the eloquence of this photograph.”

Or if you don’t like it, instead of merely saying, “You’re an idiot.” You could call me an “artless rude-growing baggage.”

Thanks to Kato and rveWong for pointing these out.



  • Kym, this photo is amazing! you can see the pollen grains on the bee. Just incredible.

    I feel compelled to mention that bumblebees that you see around now are all females–the males only live a short time at the end of the summer and are much smaller. The really large bumblebees that fly around low to the ground in grasses areas in early spring are queens looking for nest sites–they are the ony ones that overwinter.

  • Wasn’t it the Bard who wrote; “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet”? Me thinks she doth protest overmuch. 😉 Your photos COULD speak for themselves… but we would miss your voice.

  • Absolutely gorgeous. I admit that I went to that site but the big words made my head hurt and I had no idea if I was complimenting or insulting you! So here’s a simple, “love the shot and gorgeous fuzzy detail.”

  • Jen, thanks for explaining that. Does anyone know how many Queens usually live in an area? A few days ago just one largish clump of hyacinths had 20 to 30 of these huge bumbles!

  • Wow – now that’s a shot I probably would never get. I am rarely able to get photos early in the morning due to my schedule. I miss the hyacinths from my long-gone garden, and spring is not the same without them. Next year, I’m coming to your place…

  • I’ll wake you up early and we’ll go hunting bumbles and sunrises!

  • Absolutely stunning.
    (and I love the links!)

  • I repeat: you should think of holding an exhibition of all your photographs 🙂

  • “As an advocate for the Big Mac aesthetic, I feel that the metaphorical resonance of the sexy fish makes resonant the substructure of critcal thinking.”…huh?

    Awesome shot on so many levels, made even better by the pollen covered bumble bee.

  • Gorgeous!

  • Might I echo damyantig here? I don’t think you know how really good you are. I hear you longing for classes and teachers, but think once you got past the technical information, you would be bored. And probably better than the teacher.

  • You have a way with Plants and Animals. You go outside the box and give us more than a photo, but sensations and trust for what we see.

  • You all are very kind. Thank you (But Silverstar, I know that the “technical information” is very important and I’m woefully lacking.)

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