A Pair of Baby Blue Eyes Makes the World Right

baby-blue-eyesWhenever I See Those Baby Blues

Daily Photo

Did you “not receive proper emotional support growing up?”  Do you lack “a healthy connection with [your] father?” Did this lack of connection create “a protective shell of defensiveness, or intellectual cynicism?”

Restore your trust in the world with this sweet little California native pictured above.

According to a guide on flowers, a mere drop of distilled essence of Baby Blue Eyes will allow you to become “more accepting, positive and open.” Just a shimmer of the shining liquid is supposed to help “restore the soul’s original innocence and childlike trust. The soul is helped by learning to recognize goodness in others and in the world… .”

In my opinion, the mere sight of  the flower itself on a sunny day will dissolve all “intellectual cynicism.”

Here in my Humboldt hills, the flower is so pale as to almost seem to be misnamed but elsewhere it is a rich sky blue (though it can be any shade in-between.. It grows on the thin soil of meadows especially on the edges of woods.  Keep your baby blue eyes (or brown or green) open for the sight of these sweet little innocence restorers this spring.  The ones here are blooming even in the rain.



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