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Spring steps onto the stage this Friday, March 20th (locals, don’t forget that the Monologues also premeirs on that date, too).  These Shooting Stars will bloom  and be gone in a month, the hills grow velvety green and then turn brown in three,   fawns born this spring will grow horns the next and little boys mesmerized by tiny flowers will grow into long legged men hurrying somewhere.

Get upclose and personal with Spring and the things it brings.  Summer will be here too soon.



  • Very sweet. Love the freckles and eyelashes. I love this time of year – when all my bulbs are blooming and my fruit trees are flowered out. It gives you hope during the nasty rain!

  • Lovely picture! Summer can’t get here too soon for me. I am afraid it will be winter again, too soon.

  • First, cute kid! Second, nice photo! Third, that is my favorite flower in the whole wide world. It always blooms for my birthday. When we were little we would pick those by the quart jar full to give to our moms and girlfriends.

    Imagine my heartache when I found out that they are not called “Johnny Jump-ups”. Me, and everybody that I knew when I was a kid in Laytonville, called them Johnny jump-ups. We now know that was just a regional name for them, and that they are really “Shooting Stars”. Somebody in the pioneer days probably mistakenly called them that because it was a small purple and yellow flower just like the True Jonny Jump-up. I still call them Johnny Jump-ups around my family. I sadly call them Shooting Stars around strangers because I can’t handle being corrected.

    From author unknown:
    “Shooting Stars are in blossom. We children counted one hundred and three on the way from school — and left them blooming there — those quaint, purple-pink flowers, with their nice little noses. Other names have they beside Shooting Star — Bird Bills, Prairie Pointers, Crow’s Bills and American Cowslip. They belong to the Primrose family. Have you watched the Bumble-bees come to the blossoms? “(And they were called Johnny Jump-ups by some of the people of Laytonville. Ernie)

  • Ernie, your last sentence made tears start to my eyes–so much is passing away.

  • Really cool photo. Love the color of the flowers.

  • This is a lovely photo, Kym, so tender and sweet. I’ve never heard nor seen a Shooting Star before – cool little flower.

  • Shooting Stars are a beautiful part of spring here and the their color is, indeed, gorgeous.

  • sweet picture kym, thanks.

  • is that your little boy? what a wonderful photo – one that you’ll treasure forever

  • I LOVE the composition of this photo Kym – wonderful! I have never seen Shooting Stars before here in the midwest. This image is a real keeper.

  • Stunning! I couldn’t resist commenting. The clear pure beauty of this photo struck me right in the heart. They’re little for such a brief time. Treasure it, every moment.
    O.K. I’m back to the grind.

  • I love them and your photo. I haven’t spotted any yet, I better go out a lookin….

  • Incredible photo. I think you should seriously think of an exhibition of all the stuff you put up here.

  • Beautiful colors, beautiful thoughts. Your awareness of the fleetingness of everything makes you savor it, linger over it, and really see it. Thank you!

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