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The Humboldt Hillbilly grabbed up a chair and joined in the conversation today. 

This show proved to be the perfect antidote to my endless craving for some kind of country music that has soul. I grew up on a strong diet of honky-tonk and sometimes I just need my fix.

Later, he describes what surely must be a Southern Humboldt only phenomenom.

I witnessed my first bluegrass mosh pit. It wasn’t big and was probably the gentlest, most well-behaved mosh pit I’ve ever seen, but it was a mosh pit nonetheless.

I’m looking forward to reading more of his view of our world.



  • Sounds like some one’s been listening.”Perspectives on rural anarchy” Even, so when it comes to the Humbug Social (Blogger) Club looks like you’re number one!

  • Thanks for the connection. And speaking of connections… I enjoyed the foggy bottom milk run in Ferndale today. Next to me in the mass start was LODGEPOLE! He, along with his wife and two children were also enjoying the trot around Ferndale, and he recognized me from Tammie’s photo’s. He was gracious enough to greet me and introduce me to his family, and even gave me some background on the history and other bloggers of our area! A great and surprising treat! Also, in a note of personal triumph, I managed to beat a few small children, two chickens and three blonde holsteins across the finish line! mark

  • Joe, Yikes, your comment made me remember a teacher who always gave me the eye and said, “Kym, you’re being too social.” I can’t help it that I like yammering with people;>

    Mark, Oh-oh, you’re becoming more Humboldt than I am–you’ve met Lodgepole and run in the Foggy Bottom! I’m jealous. Next year I want to go. Then you can add one redheaded holstein to those you’ve beaten.

  • love the photo of the old building

  • awwwwhhh, front page coverage, now i’m gonna blush…kym, you really are humblogger #1, if for no other reason than your consistently positive cheerleading for all of us beginners 🙂

  • I will change our name on wordpress to both names, since it seems Mark doesn’t change the name in the comment box! I would hate for anyone to think I actually jogged. I did come home from the FBMR and go for a horse ride though! You should really come over and join me sometime Kym.

  • Nurse, It is a sweet little cabin covered with a hillbilly blue tarp. Someday, I’ll take care of everything I should!

    Bubba, I’m looking forward to more posts and, as to cheerleading new bloggers, thank Eric at sohum and the Myrtletown blog listing. I’ll never forget how thrilled I was as I realized more than 10 people were reading what I wrote! I’m just passing on the kindness.

    Tj, I would love to take our cameras and ride. I haven’t been on horseback for 7 years but I loved my horse when I was a kid.

  • Hey Mark and TJ, it was great to meet you guys! I hope I didn’t act like too much of a groupie. I was just thinking “Man if that guy was holding a seaweed whip, he’d look exactly like Mark from the blog.”.

  • Kym,
    This is way off topic, but Happy Birthday!!!
    Note that I tried to hide it a few posts back, just in case you don’t want the whole world (being all of SoHum) knowing. 😉
    [of course I know that they’ll see my comment near the top of the page under recent comments]
    Happy Birthday – hope it’s been great!
    Love your cuz,

  • “a little cabin with a blue tarp”… well isn’t that what everybody uses for roof leaks?? blue tarps are part of the best home decorator idea bag! thanks for popping over for a visit kym!

  • Around here, blue tarps are part of the decor om way too many homesteads–including mine. I hate them but….They are heck of useful.

  • You people are all great. I just discovered Mr. Bubba and Kym’s observations are good to read. Who am I writing this to, anyway? I’ll get it ‘figgered’ out. In the meantime best wishes and my compliments to Bubba’s blog and all Humboldt Hillbillys.

  • Gary, I hope you enjoy our end of the holler and come in, and sit a spell whenever you’ve a mind to;>

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