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Remember, Sunday at 2 AM, time changes.  Move your clocks 1 hour forward.

I’m with President Warren G Harding on this.  “If people want more daylight, they should just wake up earlier.”

The rational behind Daylight Savings Time is that it saves energy. A commenter on the Washington Post disputes that.  She says here,

“Until a couple of years ago, parts of Indiana did DST and others did not. So when the whole state went to DST, it provided a unique opportunity to compare energy use with and without DST.”

“Found this at http://www.energy.ca.gov/daylightsaving.html
“A more recent study – in draft form as of February 2008 – by Matthew Kotchen and Laura Grant of the University of Santa Barbara concludes that Daylight Saving Time in Indiana actually increases residential electricity demand. That study titled “Does Daylight Saving Time Save Energy? Evidence From a Natural Experiment in Indiana” looked at the electricity use when portions of the state finally started to observe DST.”

So, I’m for sleeping in an extra hour.  Everyone who agrees, yawn.



  • I prefer DST – I like the extra light at the end of the day. I hate coming home from work in the dark. That said, I wish they would just pick one and stick with it.

    Lovely capture of the blossoms.

  • *yawn*

    lovely capture! I feel spring coming!

  • I am against daylight savings time. It is too damn troublesome to punctuate. Is it capitalized? Does it require a possessive? What the hell is up with this thing no one thought it out right and now it just lunges out of nowhere to completely mess with my punctuation skills.

    Meanwhile, it totally throws off everything with international communication, not to mention interstate communication because some states do not use it and others do. And this whole “energy” argument is pretty recent, that was not the original argument people are just using it now to be green which I find totally annoying.

    I say dump it.

  • The springing forward of the clock kills people. Seriously. Just get up earlier if you want to. Don’t call it a different numerical designation or, worse, demand that I do too! It’s a joke, it always was a joke. Benjamin Franklin was joking.

    It’s too early to yawn. Bah! Bah! Bah!

    *button pushed*

  • I am happy to see everyone else feels the same way I do about Daylight Saving (no s, Max and Kym, as I understand it). I agree with, and have always said the same as Toni, “Pick one and stick with it!” And I have to be at church at 9:00 a.m (or 8) meaning I have to get up at 7:30 (or 6:30) meaning it is really 12:30 now!

    The blossoms (cherry?) are beautiful.

  • oh I just love blossom – that pink is really special

  • There doesn’t seem to be any conclusive evidence, but by googling a little it looks to me like the general consensus, or bias, among scientists is that DST probably messes with our circadian rhythms. They tell us its bad. They tell us that the switch to and from DST may cause anything from drowsiness at work, to a spike in traffic accidents around the time of the switch, to psychosis. Most of the conclusions reference a study done on 55000 people in central Europe by a Dr. Till Roenneberg of Germany. Here’s some typical links:






    Personally I don’t subscribe to this theory because I’ve found by close observation that my own circadian rhythms adjust immediately to DST even in instances when I didn’t know that it’d been implemented. Which to me is another absolutely awesome curiosity about the unconscious awareness of the human body.

  • Cherry trees are popping everywhere! Daffodils! Finally!

  • Like Max says punctuation–the final straw. we all think its a joke unless Headwrapper’s sources are right and its a killer. We all hate it so who is the bozo that is keeping us on it! Tar and Featherings for him if we figure it out.

    Bubba, welcome aboard. Hurrah for Spring and for new beginnings!

  • Well even if you are not convinced the study’s result is accurate, Headwrapper, do you really want to test it? To get on a plane flown by a pilot or go under the scalpel of a surgeon who MIGHT be psychotic or error prone from disturbed sleep patterns? Not me.

    Blue thank you so much I was rampaging over the S dilemma.

  • Max, Like I said above, I already have tested it, and so I don’t really care either way, DST or not. But that’s not to say that I’m apathetic about it. I’m passionate about my not caring . . . Because the way I see it, what I’ve found to be true signifies that we are not moved by the solar system’s clock so much as by the cosmos’s. Yet we observe people going about their lives as though the sun were the center of it –that was my point.

    And, if I’m not mistaken, that seems to be what Kym, like me, is also observing –that she’s not on sun time. If I understand what she’s saying, she likes to get up early, and what she objects to is that now with the switch to DST it’s dark when she rises, ie she’s moved by her own inner clock rather than by the sun.

  • I know that I have trouble for about a week after the DST time changes each year. Don’t like it one little bit.

  • DST accomplishes nothing but ticking people off.

    The effect of early daylight saving time on California electricity consumption: a statistical analysis (PDF) clearly shows that this supposed energy savings doesn’t save a lick of energy in California. Maybe this is because people aren’t using kilowatts of early 20th century style incandescent light bulbs anymore.

    Most profound is that the vast majority of the world do not observe DST or they observe a constant DST shift which results in always having spring forward time. This perverse tribute to an English golf player will likely remain in our society for a long time. I imagine that we’ll still be mindlessly shifting our clocks well after the US finally adopts the metric system.

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