Hearts and Minds, Monologues and Dialogues from SoHum

Harts and minds

When neighbors gather, sitting side by side, to watch friends weave stories from the threads of their lives, magic happens.  Hearts and minds unite in a communal experience of joy, sadness, and laughter which creates a feeling of togetherness that lasts long after the shows’ curtains close for the last time.  Jenny Edwards and Susan Alexander knew this to be true but they also knew that the distances actors and helpers had to travel in our sparsely populated area made plays difficult. But what if the play was instead a series of small plays and monologues which could be rehearsed separately most of the time?

The idea became a reality and three successful seasons have passed. Another approaches–gaining momentum and excitement.  The production starts nearly a year in advance with workshops, open to everybody, that tease personal stories and imagined events out of hearts and onto written scripts.  From these the best are chosen.  Directors get lessons.  Actors audition. And play rehearsals begin in January. At the end of this month, friends will call each other,  pile into cars, and meet at the Mateel Center eager to see the latest production.

One of this year’s scripts will reach out and clutch the entire community’s heart–Eli Madrone shares his stories about Josh Sinoway in a piece entitled, Dear Ron, Molly, Hannah, and Leslie. As we sit together, we’ll have a chance to remember along with Madrone the cadences of one of our own. But there are productions designed to make us laugh and to make us think, also.

Below is a list of  what to expect.  Write this on your calendar.  Save an evening March 20 or 21 at 8:00 at MCC.  Doors open at 7:30.  Tickets at the door; sliding scale $12 to $20 and   there will be a Sunday matinee, March 22, at 2:00.  Doors open at 1:30 for that.

Act I:

Out on a Ledge–Rio is threatening to jump off the ledge as his roomie (Moss) is drinking beer and watching football. written by Moss Nipkau acted by Moss & Rio Anderson  Directed by Anna  Rogers

A War of Bones –Alegra, a poet, talks about the difficulty of mending and aligning her broken body-bones as a metaphor.Written and acted by Alegra  Bruker  directed by Susan  Alexander

Show Me the Funny–Two comedians meet while auditioning for a job in a L.A. comedy club. Written and acted by Agnes Patak & Natascha  Marks  Directed by Moss  Nipkau

So You Want to Move to the Country–Marcia shows us all the “delights” (read hassles) of living in the hills. Written/acted by Marcia Mendels Directed by Jeanne   York

The Wolf Within –A narrated dance.  An allegory of human folly, passion, and redemption. Written by Dion Santos  acted by Kadi Varda, Bruce Willis, Tayler Stone  Directed by Susan  Alexander

Act II:

Totally Up Front–After getting acquainted on a computer dating service (SoHum Singles), they decide to meet.Written by Jenny Edwards  acted by Beth Wells & Andy  Barnett   directed by Jenny  Edwards
Dear Ron, Molly, Hannah, and Leslie,–Eli Madrone’s memories of Josh Sinoway Directed by Jenny Edwards Acted by Eli Madrone
The Dinner Party–How to throw a dinner party in this age of —“sensitive” eaters? Written by Marcia Mendels  acted by Anna Rogers directed by Agnes Patak

Pie in the Sky–While making an apple pie, a woman reveals her true nature.Written by Ellen McKaskle  acted by Marny Friedman directed by Margaret   Lewis
Catholic Child–a child’s Catholic experience–you just have to see it! Written and acted by Karen Lawson directed by Jenny  Edwards

any questions, call Jenny at 923-7880.



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