Obama at Odd's with Bush's DEA Appointee?

DEA Photo from Wikimedia Commons

Recent raids by the DEA in Los Angeles on 4 medical marijuana dispensaries have outraged patient activists and prompted a response by Whitehouse spokesman, Nick Shapiro.  He explained, “The president believes that federal resources should not be used to circumvent state laws, and as he continues to appoint senior leadership to fill out the ranks of the federal government, he expects them to review their policies with that in mind.”

According to The Washington Times, the raids  “seized $10,000 in cash and 224 kilograms of marijuana and marijuana-laced food, such as cookies. No one was arrested… but the raid is part of an ongoing investigation seeking to trace the marijuana back to its suppliers or source.”

Michele Leonhart, a Bush appointee, is still acting director of the DEA though Obama is expected to replace her.  Apparently the Bush appointee is still acting out the former president’s policy of enforcing federal drug laws without respect to the state laws that might contradict them.

Americans for Safe Access and other medical marijuana advocacy groups inundated the White House with thousands of calls and emails to the President’s web site.  In an apparent response to this, Shapiro spoke yesterday with the press.  His words prompted an administrator at marijuana.com to declare “The statement puts the Department of Justice and the DEA on notice of a change in federal policy, and indicates that continued raids may not be tolerated.”

It may be some time before President Obama appoints someone to replace Leonhart.  In the meantime, I hope new Attorney General Eric Holder will step in to end the wasteful spending of federal dollars in order to trample state laws protecting medical marijuana patients.

Hat tip to As it Stands and to Highboltage for pointing out this information.



  • Perhaps Obama should appoint Michael Phelps to the job. I understand he has a bit more free time on his hands these days.


  • I saw the most amazing, LA produced, medical marijuana magazine. Huge full page dispensary ads with bud photos and testimonials. We are definitely still in the backwoods.

  • The names of the four clubs that were raided are:

    Venice Alternative Healing, 421 Rose Ave, Venice

    Marina Caregivers, 730 Washington Blvd. Marina Del Rey

    Alternative Caregivers Discount Dispensary, 122 S Lincoln Blvd #204,

    Venice Beach Center Collective, 310 Culver Blvd, Playa Del Rey

    Sources within the L.A. club community expressed dismay that these clubs were targeted at all. One club employee, David, was particularly surprised that Marina caregivers was raided given their higher than normal standards. “Marina caregivers has a really good reputation in the community, they do everything by the book.” When asked if any of these clubs might have a connection to Mendocino or Humboldt, Johann replied, “Oh yeah. there are a lot of vendors that come to L.A. from places like Petaluma all the way up to Crescent City. We see vendors coming here from Oregon and Washington too.” – Humboldt Grow

    marina caregivers, alternative XXXX XXXX,
    l.a. cannabis club forum
    people come from washington
    “50 percent high quality stuff is from the emerald triangle” There is no way that all this weed could be grown in L.A. There are a lot of people who grow in the outskirts of L.a.

  • When will our government start targeting the problems of this country and stop targeting its special interests.

  • keep the good work DEA greed is not make a good ?

  • Obama’s new directive is smoke and mirrors. Right now two pharmacological companies and the three tobacco majors are hashing out the plan to provide marijuana legally and they will by default in entering the California market- be putting all of these clinics out of business. Activists are being played the fool. The DEA is collecting massive amounts of information on the operators they fully intend to shut down marijuana growing in the emerald triangle, so BAT can bring you Afghanistan dope courtesy of the U.S. Senate and Brutish American Tobacky. Say Hello to marijuana import quotas. We can thank the simple minds for sending wealth of the commoners North once again.

    • I’d do a story on that if you could point where to look.

      • May I remind your viewing audience of a previous comment of mine … at the last Summer Arts Faire I schmoozed with a local Sheriff as we stood in front of the no diesel dope booth. He remarked, based on what they read, the tobacco companies are ready to roll (sorry) into production, and that the snag is a breathalyzer test for pot.

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