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  • Is it an owl? Wow, it is just incredible to see the details, the spread feathers, the raptor’s claws, the sharp eyes scanning for prey. Nice job, Kym!

  • When I was a kid I used to wonder what it would be like to be a Red Tailed Hawk. Of course we called them chicken hawks back then. There was the brown chicken hawk and the red chicken hawk. But they were both chicken hawks. A hawk, is a hawk, is a Hawk, sort of thing. That was one of the first things that the newcomers taught us, that they were Red Tailed hawks, not chicken hawks. And they would only eat a chicken if it was wounded and hungry, Right…. like an abused childhood thing I guess.

    Don’t let the newcomers fool you they do eat chickens.

  • Those claws look ferocious.

  • I can just taste the freedom!

  • Kym… Boy, am I impressed!

  • Talons and Tailfeathers, oh my! This shot convinces me that either Kym is part fairy photographer and sprouts wings between midnight and dawn, or else she has a troop of “little people” with their own wee cameras who work on commission for her in secret…

    And, as a chicken-eating newcomer to these here parts, I pledge to learn all the local species of hawks and call them by their true names. When I see one in town within earshot of Ernie, I will refer to it as a chicken-hawk, which is fun to say and a reminder to keep your poultry penned!

  • How in the heck did you get this shot??? Amazing!!

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