Blowing Smoke?: The CNBC/High Times Medicinal Marijuana Slideshow


Photo From Grow Magazine

CNBC recently did a story on cannabis culture entitled Marijuana, Inc. Their promo site includes a very interesting slide show. Included are photos of many different strains of pot with descriptions of price and medicinal value attached.  I highly recommend this piece for both complete neophytes and growers alike.  The information comes from industry insider, High Times Cultivation Editor Danny Danko.  I’ve never seen specific desired effects assigned to certain strains ie  a local specialty is listed with a photo and this:

A Nor-Cal staple, Trainwreck is easy to grow and very powerful. Patients suffering from nausea, headaches or chronic pain call it a godsend.

1 ounce: $350-400
1 pound: $4000-4500

The high price is probably based on summer deals which are usually higher then after the fall harvest.  I would love to hear others take on this piece.  Is the talk about certain strains working better for different ailments realistic or is it is blowing smoke?

Hat tip to Highboltage–he has a great blog packed with snippets of info.



  • Well, I don’t know about the funny grass, but when I drink beer it tells me I’m a hunk. When drink tequilla it tells me I’m sexy. When I drink gin it tells me that I’m sophisticated. When I drink Rum it tells me to fly away to far away places. When I drink wine it tells me that I’m broke, unless it’s very good wine, then it tells me that I’m extremely successful. Like the song says “Lie To Me”.

    I have a friend that says that drunks are “way more entertaining to be around, they are funny, and have an enlightened sense of humor, and stoners are.. well… Just stoned.”

    I know that I was not much help here, but I couldn’t resist the noting the parallel.

  • The differences in appearance of the pot in the photo gallery seem to be due in large part to the relative maturity of the weed and whether it’s wet or dry, trimmed or whole. Can people really reliably tell the difference between strains based on appearance, odor, and taste?

  • I don’t know either, but scientifically, different strains can be bred to have different levels of THC, and probably other compounds that enhance the effects. But it’s definitely not my area of expertise.

  • grandma… can wine drinkers distinguish between different wines based on legs, aroma, and flavor?

  • Kym… Dr. Courtney did a great medical marijuana presentation on Eric’s KMUD show the other night. He has a remarkable website at . Courtney emphasizes the benefits of the CDB alkaloid which is calming and anti inflammatory rather than stony and stimulating. The US Government has a patent on CBD for multiple medical conditions. Courtney’s site also links to the recent “provider/caregiver” decision which is very important for 215 patients to understand. Your High Times link is a riot.

  • Hmm… It didn’t like my website info… it’s I bracketed it and it disappeared.

  • Dr. Courtney is one of the smartest doctors on the subject. His interviews in the New Settler (including one in the current issue) and on his website provide the most practical and far reaching information on the medecine of pot.

  • Why take the risk?

    Bay Area 17 year old boy shot over pot

  • People are shot over alcohol, shoes, iPods, and everything else (sometimes no reason at all). I think shootings are a totally separate issue.

    Did you see that 97% of the people who took the poll think that marijuana should be decriminalized?

    Something that I disliked about that site were quotes like “More and more thieves are targeting homes believed to contain pot.” Saying “more and more” means nothing to me, and regardless of the subject, it makes the news not worth paying attention to in my opinion. It’s like when the news says stuff like “Some people say the rodent problem has gotten out of hand.” Or “Some doctors say that it could be a risk to you.” Those are the same strategies that are used in advertising, and it just kills a news article to me. Names, and/or numbers of people, and why it is credible is important information to me!

  • huh? where did i put my pen?

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