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sunlight-on-treesNew Day

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Watching the sun rise over the ridge, lighting one tree on fire and then the next, is like watching signal flares carrying good news across the mountains.



  • You have some amazing sunrises there. I love your description – beautifully written.

  • Wow, did you run something similiar to an Orton effect on this? Very gorgeous, and rich in color. Great use of lighting.

  • Thank you both but Sandi, I have no idea what an Orton effect is (I really, really need a photography class.) Because I shoot in RAW, I softened it and added a bit of a contrast between light and dark.

  • Lovely composition and exposure. I hope you gather your images for a portfolio and exhibit them. Or make cards, maybe?

    (BTW, I noticed we have a photo habit in common: a tendency to make a lot of vertical images.

  • I love oak trees. More than any other tree, they are the quintessential California tree and what a beautiful way you’ve represented their grandeur and elegance.

  • Sophie, I like vertical images but, also, my theme here on WordPress mostly constrains me to them. I can’t get them very big if I go horizontal.

    Raincrow, I love oaks…and madrones…and dogwood….and buckeye…and fir….and maple…

    Thank you for your graceful compliments.

  • Thanks for the reply. What I was referring to is a technique in post processing where you basically add a screen or bright layer to your shot and then a gaussian blur. In effect, you have a very bright and soft, glowy type of picture. Very much like what you achieved with your natural lighting!

  • Sandi, Thank you. My mom actually sent me an explanation earlier, too, but you added another layer of understanding.

  • I don’t know about WordPress but I found that on Blogger I can get larger images horizontally if I upload them from the internet rather than from my files. It might work here too if you upload to Flickr or some such website and then from there to your blog.

  • Or if you switch to blogger you can get them larger — like this

  • this is quite mesmerizing..and creates quite the magical mood. beautifully captured and presented for our pleasure. hi, i came over from toni’s who gave you with the well deserved compliment of being an excellent photographer. and your words add all the more drama to the photograph…as if it needed more!

  • Headwrapper, I love the size! I even liked the photo better! Its the Theme I use on WordPress that restricts my size. I may have to go searching for a theme I like again that allows larger horizontal photos —I would love going vertical more often.

    Robin bird, Thank you. I love Toni’s work and she does a wonderful job of recommending people. Your photos of Olivia made me want to coax her into my lap for a story.

  • yet another breathtaking photo

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