The Nikon Naiad's Song:Saved from Drowning by my Camera


The Fog Also Rises

Daily Photo

The Nikon Naiad’s Song

When morning light throws golden nets

Across the splash of Humboldt fog

Fishing for creatures of the night,

They scatter —

Slipping into caverns of shadow

Till the sun sails off to lay its lures in other waters.

–                   –                              –
But I, like Neptune’s errant wife,

Hair still streaming from the shower,

Break head above the rolling ridges

Breathing air again– at last.

–                  –                             –

Then surfing the sunlit swells, tripod in hand,

I cast the invisible line of my lens

For a silver fraction of an hour,

Carting home a supply of soul

To sustain me till darkness flees again

Before the sun—

–                  –                              –
Which throwing out its morning lines across the sky,

Keeps me from drowning

Beneath the days.



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