Eastern Star

Daily Photo

When you get up early, the morning gives you a gift.



  • Very interesting. I don’t like it as well as the last photo, but it’s nothing to sneeze at either. Just my personal taste.

  • It looks like a big diamond shining through.

  • Silverstar, I don’t like it as well either but it is hard to keep topping oneself–though I’m trying.

  • That’s one thing I’m finding is that is it indeed hard to keep topping oneself, but its good because I like the challenge. I woke up to thick tule fog this morning and didn’t see the sun until I got on the southside of the Ridge. Looks like its going to be another stellar day, with more to come. January is the new October.

  • I’m just impressed that you got up to take a picture of a sunrise. I never have that much discipline, I just catch it now because I am walking to breakfast, but I am to tired to comprehend that I should take a picture of it.

  • Another beautiful shot, although I prefer the previous one. Well done, none the less!

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