Splashed with Sunshine


Splashed with Sunshine:

Sunrise at the Lone Maple

Daily Photo



  • Itt’s just no fair that you live in such a picturesque place! I love the light from the sunrise reflecting on the branches and all along the horizon.

  • Very nice… I really like the angle and the use if the sun to backlight the tree. Great image!

  • Another very evocative image. Your lovely photos are a great way to start the day. 🙂

  • The last couple days “break your heart they’re so beautiful,” said one of my favorite neighbors.

  • Photos like that always make me want to make up stories to go with them, like: “Mother nature hiding behind the hill, sneaking up on a sleeping tree, to awaken and fill it with the green leaves of spring”…. Or something like that.

    Down here in the valley we have been buried in a dense and ground-hugging fog these last few days, but when the fog clears, the countryside is so pretty that it makes us feel sorry for people that aren’t us.

  • Ernie, I want to write like that, too, but I hear my high school friend, Ann Constantino drawling, “Ohhhh, Gaaaawd” whenever I succumb. Sometimes my sappy nature escapes– wildly paints rainbows over the page before I can stuff it back. This photo tried to draw some more of the birds “dancing a complicated dance” kind of writing from me so I just duct taped my fingers together and hit enter before I did any damage.

  • Good to see you back Kym.
    I just caught up with your last five photos, and as usual, they are works of art.
    You paint with photos.
    You “write” with photos that tell a story.
    And, I suspect, you have fun doing it!


  • An English professor once said that everyone has a couple hundred pages of bad writing to get out of their system before they start writing well. However, he said, if you intend to BE a writer, then you have more like a thousand…

    Frankly, Kym, your photos really are worth the proverbial thousand words. Isn’t that the same lone maple we saw shrouded in snow not long ago? You’ve captured a totally different mood in this shot.

  • That tree is going to become the most photographed tree in Humboldt County. If you aren’t careful, the photographers will coome flocking to your door asking for directions.

    …and don’t you ever stop putting your heart into your writing. I love the way you take just a few words and paint a complete, beautiful picture.

    Ernie, since Kym didn’t add her own description, your description of Mother Nature hiding behind the hill was just perfect.

  • Kym, sunrise for me was when your computer was finally fixed and you started posting again. I’m so glad you’re back.

  • This is such a great picture.

    I love it!

  • “Sometimes my sappy nature escapes– wildly paints rainbows over the page before I can stuff it back“

    Kym, go with sappy. Do you think that Shakespeare cared about sappy? Besides, Anne is probably just a little bit envious of your poetic nature.

    I got caught up on your “Ruby Throated Woodpecker”. The number-one rule on my blog is to not correct peoples vocabulary or the names people use for places or things. But, I had to violate all of my rules and poke a little fun at you, because I’ve lived here all my life and I’ve never seen a “Ruby Throated Woodpecker”, but I’m willing to agree that there are some, but they must only grow on Kemp Mountain. But, if they are good dancers, maybe we can introduce them to the Benbow Jay Birds. Maybe they will produce “Blue Throated Wood Pecking Dancing Jaybirds“. We can only hope!

    Please accept this in the humorous vein that it was intend ended. I know that I already used up all my good will when I critiqued your sideways photo, so I don’t want to find myself banned. I find your bog and photos far to entertaining to be on your bad side.

    South Fork Curmudgeon.

  • Kym, I find your descriptive writing very creative and beautiful, no matter what Anne says.

  • Brrr. Still to cold for softball. Wake me up in March!

  • beautiful! love the sun coming up behind the tree.

  • I love the burned-out look, it reminds me of the good old days of film from negatives. And it captures the unique light and colors of the early morning.

  • A whole series of that delightful lone maple please. 🙂

    Different seasons, different moods and different skies. It would be such a treat to see more of it. And I don’t mind your writing at all. Soppy has its place and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. Your minimalist writing is wonderful, yet variety in writing styles is a great talent.

  • First thing I have to say is Ann has never (that I know of) criticized my writing. It is my own inner editor that throws in Ann’s voice to keep me from vomiting rainbows and puppydogs everywhere.

    Now, I have to defend myself on the ruby throated woodpeckers. Note, Ernie (This is said very sternly and pedantically while staring at you over my glasses) note, that I used no capitals. You, however, misquoted me and did. My using all lower case is indicative of this being a description not a title. Thus, in an attempt to avoid scouring the internet and my bird books to find out what the birds were, I just poetically described the tree clinging birds as “ruby throated woodpeckers.”

    In defense of my honor I have been forced to search the further reaches of my Audubon and then find a photo on the internet. These birds are truly called (note the use of capitalization) Red-naped Sapsuckers. Here is a Photo.

    Now don’t you wish that you hadn’t violated your rules and messed with me about what I called them. (And they were so dancing.) Smart comments about my arty photos, my snow, and now my dancing birds…I rethinking your status.

    Thanks everyone else for your kind words.

  • So when are you banning Ernie from commenting on your blog? LOL

  • Kym
    I’m going to have to accept your story, it sounds a lot like something that I would say. I sure hope they are good dancers, they will have to be quick to keep up with you. I also find it humorous that they are Sappy-Suckers.

    I should know better than to match wits with you. I was dealt a short hand.

    (if you can read this I’m still not banned)

  • Not yet but question my enormous knowledge of nature again and I may have to vomit rainbows and puppydogs onto your blog.

  • Gorgeous, just gorgeous. And I’ll help you if you want to go vomit rainbows and puppydogs over at Ernies. I might throw in a few kittens, too.

  • So rare to see bottom lighting in nature. This is an amazing shot, Kym.

  • This photo amazes and hypnotizes me – I could look at it all day long. AND, if I didn’t have such a wonderfully cute photogenic child, I’d use this photo as wallpaper on my desktop.
    BTW, bring on rainbows, puppies, kittens and bunny rabbits too – vomited or otherwise! 😉

  • “I find your bog and photos far to entertaining to be on your bad side.”

    notice, Ernie is only making fun of your BOG? curious typo..

  • You always get the perfect sunrise capture. This is beautiful!!

  • I remain entralled with that tree . . . . . .

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