Sunrise on Frosty Meadows


Sunrise on Frosty Meadows

Daily Photo

The next few mornings should be as beautiful as this.  Take advantage of it because the rain will probably set in with a vengence afterwards.



  • I’m not sure I want to see the rain set in with a vengence but we really do need some serious rain – our gauge only shows about 19 inches so far this season. That won’t go far once the temperatures rise into the high 80’s and 90’s.

  • Now that is a fantastic capture. Truly, truly, fantastic.

  • I’ll bet we have more rain soon, Mom. We usually have a couple of weeks in Jan. of sunshine just to keep us all sane.

    Toni, I didn’t get the incredible gold of the light but I managed to hint at how beautiful it was.

  • What a delight! It evokes an early 19th century pastoral painting. ou have such an excellent eye for framing your images.

  • Thank you. I love the ranch opposite our house and this view is one of my favorites.

  • You just keep getting the greatest shots. I want your camera! 🙂

    I know, it ain’t the camera. Cartier Bresson believed in taking one photograph and doing the cropping in the camera. You gotta knack.

  • I have 17 inches on my gauge here at Miranda. In 1977 we had 21 inches of rain for the season. Of course spring rain is what keeps the water flowing. I have narcissus and roses blooming and saw two guys in town with their shirts off today. Kym, are the dark spots in the tree mistletoe? Striking. I drove to Round Valley yesterday. It was gorgeous. That place is still the Wild West.

  • SC, well. I’d like to be like Bresson. I’m more like take 1000 photos and at least one will be presentable!

    Ben, the dark spots are mistletoe and if you look really closely there is a bright tan spot on the clump of trees on the rounded slope. That is a deer getting warm under the first rays of the sun.

  • that image reminds me of my childhood in new zealand

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