Rainbow over Garberville



Daily Photo

Somewhere between Bear Gulch Bridge and Blue Star Gas is a pot of gold.  (I’m thinking with as many rainbows as we’ve been getting here that Garberville Gold suffices for the Gods of Light to indicate the pot with their colorful markers.)



  • Oh, man! There was a brilliantly strong one while I was at work today, but by the time I made it to a spot where I could photograph it, it was gone. I got rained on instead. DRAT!

    Um, nice shot, Kym. *mutter*mutter*

  • Beautiful. There is an art to great rainbow photography. You have found it! 🙂

  • Simply beautiful and inspiring.
    Nature becomes your palette every day.

  • I love it! It’s so beautiful. Rainbows are one of nature’s most gorgeous gifts. Thank you for always being on hand with your eye, your skill and your camera to capture all the fine moments and share them with us, your readers. Merry Christmas, Kym.

  • I saw it, and took the time to go out behind the store to watch it. It looks like you must have been somewhere near me when you took that photo.

    When I looked out the back door the Fed-X truck had just pulled up and it appeared that the rainbow stopped on top of the truck. I told the driver, “I see you brought my Christmas present”. I thoroughly enjoyed my wit, but it took some of the joy away when I had to explain it to the driver.

    Nice shot!

  • So does that mean your snow is all gone? Great rainbow capture.

    You must have a lot of pot grown in your area if the rainbow is marking the way. 😛 🙄

  • We all know this community is gold but it’s nice to see Heaven point the way.

  • I love rainbows, and this one is especially nice as you have captured right where it fades into the land. Beautiful shot.

  • My heart leaps up when I behold
    A Rainbow in the sky:
    – William Wordsworth

  • Breathtaking. I gasped when I saw this. You’re just brilliant, Kym.

  • Thanks, there have been so many rainbows and this is the best shot I’ve gotten so far.

  • I was in town (which is rare on a weekday) and saw that very same rainbow! I was visiting my love at Chautauqua; and as we walked back from her lunch break we looked out over the (park) parking lot where the Farmers Market happens, to see it arched over the north end of town! We stood in awe for quite a while before she had to return to work! I vowed to start carrying my camera with me everywhere I go, from then on! I’m glad to see you got such a gorgeous shot of it!

    P.S. the website mentioned is under construction!

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