Sunrise through Snow Covered Trees


Winter Sunrise

Daily Photo

Like a horse on a tether, I wandered in a circle around my house this morning for an hour and a half taking photos of the sun rising through Winter white trees.  My small son still slept and I needed to be close enough to hear him call.  Like the tide, the fog rose, receeded and rose again.  So much beauty.  Only one photo to be chosen for today.  An icicle shining, a spray of snow across a frozen pond, two black crows in a snow covered tree, the pink of sunrise against serrated white hills–finally, this one chosen to represent a morning that I will never forget.



  • Absolutely incredible.

  • How many inches of snow do you have up there, Kym?

  • Gorgeous! The temps are supposed to be the lowest so far tonight. I covered some plants.

  • Exquisite!

    I feel kind of redundant showing up here and saying that every day, but every day it’s true!

    You’re so talented.

  • That is absolutely gorgeous!!

  • 46.2C here today, beneath over-near sun. Dreaming of snow and ice amid the mirages of an painfully bright landscape. I would love to see the images you rejected.

  • Absolutely stunning. I wish I had your eye. I’m with Sandi. If you put out a calendar, I’d buy it.
    Think of it. Humboldt County captured every month. You would make a gorgeous piece of art.

  • I’m really amazed at how you continue to soak up nature like a sponge. So many people stop noticing where they live, everything becomming routine. Yet after all these years on the hill, you still appreciate how lucky you are.

  • Stark beauty.
    Frozen silence that tells a story never told before.
    Winter’s coat surrounding a single tree as far as one can see.
    Silent beauty.

  • Yes! You captured that magical quality of backlit trees without getting sunspots all over the shot: I’ve been trying to do that… snow ups the challenge making the whole scene overbright. This came out very Maxfield Parrish, too. You picked a winner, Kym.

    By the way, I don’t see the birds in this shot, but I’d bet you anything they’re ravens.

  • Wow Kym, that’s just lovely!

  • Let’s hope we get to see more. Absolutely beautiful!

  • Beautiful, beautiful… and more to come. Maybe a white Christmas?

  • Kym, someone who commented before me suggested a calendar and I think it’s a great idea, for gifts for your friends and family perhaps.

    My mom paints from photos and I just made her a calendar of my measly photos through It was a little pricey (including shipping, $27 but worth it, for my purposes. But apparently you can order cheaper ones after the first one.)

    When it arrived it FAR exceeded my expectations; it was gorgeous and professional-looking, and I wish I had ordered myself one now.

    So imagine how gorgeous your photos would be on a calendar. Just a thought.

  • oh, more gorgeousness.

    btw – I agree about the calendar thing. I’ve made calendars on Shutterfly for a few years now using my photos for various things; they do an amazing job with them.

  • Indie, I believe “I” was the first to suggest a calendar, several months ago. 🙂 I’m Kym’s aunt and am hoping there will be a Kym Calendar under the tree for me.

  • This one would make a good Christmas card, too. I think some of the places that do calendars do Christmas cards as well.

  • Thank you all.

    Kato, you are absolutely right. I don’t know why I said crows. They hardly ever show up here. I meant Ravens.

    Aunt Jackie, close your eyes. Don’t read any more.

    Thanks to some research by Silverstar who found me a reasonably priced calendar site that does vertical photos (the one above is one of only a half dozen horizontal shots I’ve done. The design of this blog doesn’t allow for as large of photos in horizontal mode unfortunately.) I’ve ordered a few to see how they work out and plan to pass them out to family as gifts. If they are good enough, I might make more and do like Toni and offer them as prizes or something. (I won one of Toni’s and can’t wait to get it.)

  • I love this photo, Kym, as well as the other one.

    Keep the snow photos coming, they’re my favorite.

  • I was wondering if you remembered about the calendar! We have a pact, remember? I actually ended up doing two calendars, one for family with all the birthdays, etc. and one for friends with slightly different photos. I have your name on one when they come in!

    Great post by the way . . . .

  • Oh, you should check out – a friend self-published her book there and they do calendars as well. The advantage is you can sell them (if you want) from there, sort of like a storefront. Not sure if they handle the vertical format though . . . .

  • Steve, one has your name on it as soon as they come in.

    Lulu, like most, doesn’t appear to have vertical unfortunately.

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