Snowing in the Humboldt Hills


Winter falls on Lone Maple

Daily Photo

Snowing still on and off. Sometimes, flakes fall so thickly that I can’t tell them from the snow covered leaves.  The pond, glazed with ice, nestles between white velvet hills and beneath the Lone Maple the ground disappears.

  • Laytonville Rock


  • oh, kym, this is absolutely gorgeous. just gorgeous.

  • That’s a nice Humboldt Snow.
    Only had a skiff of snow here in Chicagoland, but then it got so cold – especially with the windchill – that it turned to a sheet of white, crystalized ice. Don’t think it got out of the teens here today – negative teens with the wind (LOL – Negative Teens With the Wind – sounds like the name of the latest EMO or Goth band).

  • You know, if you move your cursor to the left the phony snow falls one way, if you move your cursor to the right it falls the other way. If you scroll down the page it moves the snow up the page. If you read real fast, and click off, you can read everything before the snow shows up. Not that the snow is distracting to me or anything. I’ve tried to get the snow to move in circles but so far I’ve failed. Can you get it to snow in the summer?

    Just teasing. But, I really do like your Silhouette Snow Maple. Your talent makes me envious. I see the same things in life that you do, only you are able to capture the image for posterity. I think that I appreciate your talent more than most, because I have often stopped to appreciate the same scenes that you photograph.

    Years ago, there was an old Black Oak tree that grew on the top of the ridge to the east of Garberville. It spread out flat across the ridge top. At sunrise it looked like the silhouette of a Mountain Lion walking down the ridge. I often wanted to photograph it, but back then the technology was just too far out of reach to get that photo. Of course the tree is gone now, but I still have that picture in my mind. Sometimes when you take a photo it resonates in my mind with some of those images that I already have up there. Your snow maple is one of those scenes.

  • I have often felt that lone maple yearned for companionship in your photos… in this one there is a discernable reaching… mark

  • This one takes my breath away.

    We have snow on the surrounding hills, and had some hail earlier this evening.

  • Okay this is my favorite.

  • I don’t know if you conciously did it, but you nailed the rule of thirds. The sky fills one third of the top, and trees center of gravity is one third up from the bottom. It has a very pleasing and dramatic affect in this photo. But that is not the case in all photos. Just keep doing what you feel like.

  • This is fantastic! Really well done.

  • topflight kym. again!

  • Solitary, majestic, enchanting.

    We were supposed to see more rain and snow showers today, however, upon looking out the office window, its sunny. Still cold though.

  • Its like a winter wonderland!

  • Almost haunting.

    The tree and the whiteness threatening to envelope it looks almost surreal.

    With the snow falling … it’s almost real.


  • “…. the qualities, almost emotional, palpably artistic, heroic, of a tree; so innocent and harmless, yet so savage.” – Walt Whitman, Specimen Days

  • Spectacular photo! Must be a real treat being there today.

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  • Good photo. I ‘d like it better if it wasn’t so cold here. It’s amazing that you got it to stand out in all that white.

  • Thank you all.
    Heather, brr for Chicago weather. Hopefully, it will warm up before you get here.

    Ernie, Stop picking on my phony snow. It makes me feel Christmasy. Sometimes I use my cursor to make it move in time to Jingle Bells. I know what you mean about a photo staying in your memory. I have a few that for one reason or another I didn’t take and they haunt me like sins. I did try for the rule of thirds on this one. I wasn’t getting the balance I wanted with my eye so I actually used the software crop on Lightroom that draws lines 1/3 of the way across the pic. Once I got it lined up, the photo looked right. Amazing, experts really do have reasons for the silly rules they make up;>

    Silverstar, I took the photo while it was snowing so hard I was afraid for my camera. I wanted to capture that white on white look of a snow storm. I did it so well I almost lost the tree;>

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