New Salmon Creek Quilt


Crazy Quilt

Many of you know I sometimes help create beautiful fabric art with my community to raise money for various events. Here is another of Salmon Creek School’s unique creations.  I didn’t work on this one but wish I could have.  You can buy tickets at the Winter’s Arts Fair tomorrow or there will be more tickets sold until spring.  Kato sent me a sweet description that I’m including here.

Another stunning, one-of-a-kind creation to benefit Salmon Creek Community
School; this weekend’s Winter Arts Fair at the Mateel will be the
first display of this crazy quilt, the combined work of several
talented women and machine quilted by April Sproule.

The black velvet doesn’t photograph well, but the contrast to the rich silks,
velours and other textured fabrics is irresistible in person. Details
include elaborate embroidery and vintage buttons, and the backing is
as simply elegant as the front is wildly amazing.

Like the early American crazy quilts, most of the fabric pieces have a story behind
them: some were left over from past school projects and baby quilts,
some came from a truckload of fabric donated to the school after
local puppet-maker Falk died, some were gifted to the school by the
daughter of a woman who made and donated quilts to the local women’s
shelters, and there are even bits that came from the first quilting
bees in Salmon Creek… this quilt has to be seen, touched,
experienced! I wish my picture did it justice!



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