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Twilight Moon

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This is a photo of Last Night’s nearly full moon.  It will be full tonight.

Called The Long Night Moon by some Native American people, it will glow more brightly than any other this year.  According to National Geographic, it will be “30 percent brighter and 14 percent larger than the other full moons…”  This is because the moon is at its perigee (closest point to earth).  The moon hasn’t shone this brightly for 15 years and it will be another 8 years before it occurs again!

Tonight will be lovely, so, if it isn’t raining, take a moment to step outside and enjoy the lighting of the heavens. Winter is a time for gathering close with your families.  Invite them to stop and share just a minute of the night.



  • I guess it wasn’t my imagination. The moon was really bright last night.

  • Last night on my way home I saw a shooting star streak past the full-ish moon. I thought that it must be a really bright one to be visible beside a full moon.

    I often take a walk on the golf course in front of my house at night. I’ve always liked to stare at the night-time sky. The full moon gives plenty of visibility at night. But, I pack a flashlight anyway. It seems that the critters think that the golf course is their place at night, and I am the interloper. I use the light to check the small animals for skunkieness. The deer snort down their noses at me. The jack rabbits jump around in their fright and wonder what to do, “shall I jump this way? NO, it’s the other way, dang that’s not it either, I wish he would just go away!” The coons and the ‘possum huddle together and hope that I’ll eat the other one instead.

    Sometimes when I’m really lucky, I can get my wife to walk with me. But, she seems to have more “reasons” to not go for a night walk. I think that it is because she is a sissy, but she won’t admit it.

  • You haven’t met my family. You can’t imagine how impossible it would be to get the wife and daughter to go outside, at night, in 20-degree weather…..just to look at the lovely moon.

    They are…if nothing else….nature infidels!

  • The way things are going today, there will be no moon tonight. Lots of thick fog and some snow. Someone else was blogging about the full moon tonight. I think you both sited the same source. 🙂 Your early full moon shot is wonderful.

  • Thanks for the “heads up” about the moon. 🙂 I will tell my son and friends to check it out tonight. He is really interested in the phenomenon of the sky. The brightest in 15 years! Last night I was noticing moonbeams filtering through the blinds onto my bed, thinking how pleasing that was.

  • Ernie, the Geminid shower is happening right now so there are lots of shooting stars but the full moon is making them difficult to see. You make night walks sound very tempting.

    Forkboy, Nature infidels…You have to work slowly. Hmm, you say, “does the moon look especially bright tonight?” Then having lured them in, you have to let them go quickly so they don’t get hook shy. Next night hook them again with another lure…I’m still at about 2 minutes outside for my sons after years of working at it.;>

    Toni, Fred around here also did a post about the moon. Us sky nuts have to keep throwing out hooks for the rest of you.

    Indie, Have ’em look for shooting stars too. The Geminid shower is still on but the moon will make them hard to see.

  • It was lovely last night while I was out Christmas shopping. Today it’s raining and threatening snow, probably won’t have any luck seeing it tonight. But I’ll keep the camera handy just in case.

  • I thought it was full last night, until I saw the news article about the increased brightness this morning. Shame the weather today is much less conducive to picture-taking.

  • Believe it or not, I actually get to witness astronomical phenomena tonight, as it’s clear – dang cold, but clear. In fact, the moon shines thru my office window and onto my keyboard right now. If it weren’t for the monitor, the moon would suffice as my only light source in here tonight.

    Hey Kym, only 7 days ’til we’re back in CA, and we’ll see you only a few days after that! YAY!

  • Sleeting weather here prevents me from beholding this phenomenon. Phooey.

    Heather….oooooohhhh see you SOON!

  • I’ve tried to get a pic but don’t think I’ve been successful. I’ll try again.

    (Heather, I can’t wait!)

  • Tui says the full moon happened early this morning… the light woke me a few times last night.
    Ernie, In my drinking days, I had the idea that a walk after a hard nights elbow bending would prevent a hangover. One summer night with a full moon, I proceeded unsteadily out the door of the Riverwood and down to the Phillipsville river bar. No problem, plenty of light. Then I began to notice the skunks. Not one or two but a great gathering of skunks. They were everywhere in twos and threes. It must have been mating season. Paranoia overcame me and i decided they must all be rabid. I then beat a retreat back to the bar suddenly quite sober.

  • I think I read it was full about 7:30 in the morning. What is the plural noun for skunks? A Stink?

  • LOL Kym with the “stink”!

  • A stink of skunks, a gaggle of geese, a school of fish, a herd of teenagers.

  • “What is the plural noun for skunks? A Stink?”

    If they are coming toward you it’s a “stink”, if they are going away it’s a “stunk”.

    I really apreciate the fact that people are finally trying to learn the local language. Thank-you Kym.

    South Fork Ernie

  • Just in case anyone prefers to speak standard English. The collective nouns (there are two in this case) are a stench of skunks or a surfeit of skunks.

    I like Ernie’s version best but either of those two can still evoke a chuckle.

  • I knew something was up last night. I felt the moon’s pull and in between clouds my room lit up like morning.

  • Have to add a belated thanks Kym (“Thanks!”). I got myself outside last night and snapped a few pics of that gorgeous moon. I probably wouldn’t have done so had you not brought it back to my attention.

    Oh…and your advice regarding the outdoors, wife and daughter…..I mentioned to them last night, before going out, about the moon….brightest in years….etc…..and suggested they join me outside. My wife…..my loving wife said “Are you out of your mind? It’s cold out there!”

    And it was….about 20, but I loved every minute of it!

  • Tj, The moon was glorious even under the clouds.

    Forkboy, I want to see the photos.

    Nature Infidels–you got to love them.

  • whooo..
    wonderful moon.

    so peace and lonely… 🙂

    nice shot!

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